Business news from Ukraine


14 June , 2018  

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine plans to permit the National Commission for Communications and Informatization Regulation (NCCR) to inspect the telecommunications market, after placing the commission to the list of public supervision agencies to which the moratorium on inspections of business extended for 2018 does not apply. This is outlined in a draft government resolution on the approval of the action plan aimed at improving the quality of mobile communications services approved by the commission and posted on the official website of the commission.
The action plans also envisages the approval of the reviewed quality indicators and their limits for voice calls, SMS messages and Internet access in mobile communications networks.
It is proposed that the list of quality indicators is expanded with the following ones: average data upload and download speed, delays between the upload and download packages, package delay variations and the loss of packages without limits, as well as the response time of the operator call center’s specialists with setting the limits.
It is planned to take into account the impossibility of restoring telecom services in one day period if any emergency, accident or damage caused to linear and fixed facilities occurs if the fact of an emergency is recorded in law enforcement agencies in line with the Ukrainian legislation.
The operators would have a possibility of providing general telecom services using fixed end user equipment with the front-end.
As reported, the moratorium on inspections of business in Ukraine was extended until 2019. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine placed 13 public agencies to the list of the agencies to which the moratorium does not apply.