Business news from Ukraine


9 April , 2020  

Ukrainian insurance companies in 2019 received UAH 21.632 billion in insurance premiums from individuals, which is 17.4%, or UAH 3.201 billion, more than in 2018, Oleksandr Zaletov, a member of the National Commission for the State Regulating the Financial Services Market, has told Interfax-Ukraine.
According to him, in 2019 the top ten most popular insurance services among the Ukrainian population included life insurance with UAH 4.491 billion (20.8% more), OSAGO insurance with UAH 4.297 billion (11.9% more), KASKO insurance with UAH 4.280 billion (18.9% more), medical insurance with UAH 1.624 billion (24.3% more), accident insurance with UAH 1.392 billion (9.3% more), insurance in the Green Card system with UAH 1.316 billion (36.5% more), property insurance with UAH 1.214 million (8.5% more), insurance of tourists with UAH 1.187 billion (52.1% more), health insurance with UAH 595 million (37.7% more) and financial risk insurance with UAH 436 million (20.4% more).
In his opinion, the growth of insurance services provision to the population, unlike the previous years, is not due to exchange rate differences, but, first of all, to the growing demand for insurance among citizens who travel actively, take care of their health and their loved ones, and also think about providing “financial airbag” in the old age. Thus, for example, in 2019 the number of insured under life insurance programs increased by 52.4%, under travel insurance by 49.3%, under the Green Card system by 50.3%, under KASKO by 67.2%, voluntary insurance of vehicle owners’ civil liability by 39.9%.
He also said that in 2019 insurance companies made insurance payments to the population in the amount of UAH 6.618 billion, which is 11.9%, or UAH 705 million more than in 2018.