Business news from Ukraine


7 April , 2020  

Kvass Beverages plant (Zaporizhia), the manufacturer of non-alcoholic drinks, which belongs to Ascania group of companies, adapted part of the production capacity for the production of disinfectants. According to the company’s statement on Monday, April 6, the first batch of disinfectants will be transferred to medical institutions in Zaporizhia.
“Given the critical situation with the supplies and production of disinfectants in Ukraine, we decided to reformat as soon as possible some of the equipment for the production of disinfectors in order to support efforts to combat coronavirus (COVID-19) spread,” owner of Ascania Group Valeriy Horban said in a statement.
Now the company is working on the organization of continuity and non-stop production process of disinfectant concentrate. The output of disinfectants was launched in early April.
Kvass Beverages is one of the largest producers of kvass, cider and other soft drinks in Ukraine. Its capacity is 4 million liters per month.
Ascania Group unites 12 companies. Among the areas of activity are import, production and distribution of food products, processing and export of honey (five types, about 30 SKU), logistics services, electricity supply, production of small arms, security and training services for security personnel of private and public structures, agriculture (growing roses).
The group has offices throughout Ukraine, offices in Berlin (Germany) and Guangzhou (China). The total number of Ascania Group employees is more than 2,500 people.