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28 January , 2021  

Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) sold 174,260 tonnes of poultry in October-December 2020, which is 10% more than in the same period in 2019.
According to the company’s report on the London Stock Exchange, poultry sales as a whole grew by 4% for the year, to 698,020 tonnes.
MHP clarified that poultry exports in the fourth quarter rose by 8%, to 94,710 tonnes, and in general for the year by 5%, to 373,730 tonnes.
According to the report, the average price of one kg of poultry last year (excluding VAT) decreased by 5% in hryvnias from 2019, to UAH 36.11, and in dollars – by 9%, to $ 1.34. In the fourth quarter, the average price was UAH 38.49, or $ 1.36, which, respectively, is 11% more and 5% less than in the fourth quarter of 2019.
“The 12-month 2020 average chicken meat price was UAH 36.11 ($ 1.34), which is 5% lower in hryvnia terms (9% less in dollars) compared to chicken price in 12 months of 2019, mainly driven by the product mix change in exports (significant decrease in sales of fillet to the EU and increased sales to MENA) and weaker prices on breast fillet in EU as many global competitors experienced reduced demand, which resulted in excess stocks,” the report says.
The company also clarified that Slovenian-based Perutnina and its production in Croatia and Serbia, whose figures will now be given separately as a European operating segment, sold 15,170 tonnes of chicken in the fourth quarter, which is 7% more than in the fourth quarter of 2019. In general, for the year its sales amounted to 63,010 tonnes against 59,800 tonnes in 2019, while prices for European chicken in the fourth quarter decreased by 6%, to EUR2.48 per kg, and for the whole of 2020 by 4%, to EUR2.52 per kg.
“After a temporary decrease in utilization of poultry production capacity in Q1 (by 10% from February to the end of March 2020 as a result of the avian influenza outbreak in Ukraine), since the beginning of Q2 all the company’s poultry production facilities have been operating at full capacity. There were several outbreaks of the avian influenza in Ukraine in December 2020, however, the company continued to export poultry meat to its major markets (except to the EU banned market). None of MHP poultry complex were affected with avian influenza by the time of pre-close trading update release,” according to the document.
“Poultry production volumes in Q4 2020 remained relatively stable, constituting 189,687 tonnes. In 2020 poultry production volumes were relatively stable and constituted 731,279 tonnes,” the company said.

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