Business news from Ukraine


14 June , 2020  

The Ukrainian President has established the Council of Experts on Energy Security, the press service of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) has reported.
“[NSDC Secretary Oleksiy] Danilov informed the audience that in order to ensure an effective response of the state to threats to energy security and identify strategic directions for the development of the state’s fuel and energy complex, taking into account the latest world trends, the President of Ukraine established the Council of Experts on Energy Security, which will be the highest advisory body for the Head of State and the National Security Council of Ukraine on energy issues,” the press service said.
Danilov said that to prepare recommendations for the Council of Experts and ensure its work, a working group on the development of the hydrogen economy has been set up at the Staff of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.
“During the meeting, a number of measures were agreed to organize the effective work of the group in order to submit to the country’s leadership proposals for innovative approaches to the development of non-traditional energy sources,” the press service said.
The working group on hydrogen economy development should prepare and submit to the Council of Experts on Energy Security proposals on developing the hydrogen economy in Ukraine.
The NSDC Secretary stressed the urgency of developing the hydrogen economy: “This issue is extremely important in today’s world. Ukraine has great potential in this area, which we must use it.”
“Today we have specialists, resources, and investors. To get real results, we need to combine the efforts of science, business, and government,” he said.

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