Business news from Ukraine


13 August , 2019  

Ukrainian seaports in January-July 2019 handled 85.499 million tonnes of cargo, which is 15.8% more than a year ago. The Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority said on its website that in January-July the volume of transshipment of bread cargos totaled 28.313 million tonnes, which is 34.8% more than a year ago.
Transshipment of ore increased 29.5%, to 20.153 million tonnes, and oil – 12.3%, to 3.586 million tonnes.
According to authority, the total volume of transshipment of imported chemical and mineral fertilizers for the period amounted to 670,190 tonnes, which is 14.5% higher than the same indicator last year.
Over the period, the volume of exports increased 22.3% to 65.547 million tonnes, while imports 4.4%, to 13.247 million tonnes, while transit decreased 11.2%, to 5.687 million tonnes.
Container handling in January-July 2019 increased 20%, to 545,800 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit).
As reported, in 2018, sea ports of Ukraine handled more than 135 million tonnes of cargo, which is 2.4 million tonnes more than in 2017.