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14 August , 2020  

Representatives of the top management of the industrial and investment group of PrJSC Smart Holding (Kyiv) and China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd. (China) discussed the opportunities of cooperation and implementation of common investment projects in transport infrastructure and logistics.
According to the company’s press release on Friday, during the meeting, the Chinese side was presented an investment project for the development of an industrial park based on a logistics hub managed by LLC Naval Park in Mykolaiv, as well as a development project for existing sea port of Ochakiv, including dredging and construction of new infrastructure.
The Chinese side has expressed interest in the projects and will continue to study them in detail. The parties agreed to continue the dialogue and organization of visits to the relevant facilities.
Director General Oleksiy Pertin, First Deputy Director General Yulia Kiryanova, other representatives of top management of Smart Holding, participated from the company’s side. Executive Director of the subsidiary of CRCC – CRCC14 Overseas Construction and Development Co Ltd Li Junqiang and Deputy General Manager of China Railway 14th Bureau Group Wang Chuang took part in the discussion from the Chinese side.
Commercial sea port Ochakiv is located on the Dnipro-Buh estuary in Mykolaiv region on the north-eastern outskirts of Ochakiv. At present, it has facilities for transshipment of goods in the amount of over 500,000 tonnes per year. The port has five berths with depths of up to 7.35 meters. As part of the investment project, it is planned to create one of the deep-water estuary ports on the Black Sea based on the existing small port. It is planned to construct coal and grain terminals in the port, as well as a terminal for transshipment of iron ore raw materials. It is planned also to deepen the port water area to 15-18 meters, as well as to lay 70 kilometers of an underwater railway line.
China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) is the second largest state-owned construction company in China. It is engaged in the construction of transport infrastructure, the production of special construction equipment, residential property, as well as logistics. The company has a representative office in Ukraine. Subdivisions of the company, within the relevant memorandums with the Infrastructure Ministry plan to implement projects in Ukraine for the development of railway infrastructure, as well as infrastructure for inland waterways.
Smart Holding owns 23.76% of the Metinvest mining and metallurgical group, some 95% of shares of the shipbuilding holding Smart Maritime Group, some 99.97% of shares of the trading and financial company Santis LLC. The company also owns large assets in the fuel and energy industry, development and agricultural sector.
The main beneficiary of Smart Holding is businessman Vadym Novinsky.

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