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15 June , 2021  

The National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine Ukrtsukor appealed to Minister of Economy Oleksiy Liubchenko with a request not to support the initiative of the Cabinet of Ministers to permit duty-free import of 120,000 tonnes of sugar until October 1, 2021. According to an appeal to the minister, published on the association’s website, the Ukrainian sugar industry is able to fully meet the needs of the domestic market, since as of June 1, sugar stocks in the warehouses of manufacturing plants amount to 300,000 tonnes, excluding stocks of agricultural producers, retail chains and the population. At the same time, according to Ukrtsukor, the average monthly sugar consumption in Ukraine is 80,000 tonnes.
“In addition, at the beginning of 2021, some 40,000 tonnes of white sugar were imported. Also in May 2021, Ukraine imported 60,000 tonnes of raw sugar from Brazil for industrial processing at two sugar factories into white sugar, and another 27,000 tonnes of raw sugar are already on the way to Ukraine and will be delivered by the end of June,” the association said in the appeal to the minister.
The above supplies, according to Ukrtsukor, will meet the domestic demand for sugar by the new season.
The association noted that in 2021 in Ukraine, the area under sugar beet crops increased compared to last year, which, together with favorable weather conditions, makes it possible to expect a sufficient yield of sugar beet. In turn, this will contribute to the full supply of the domestic market with sugar in the 2021/2022 marketing year (MY), as well as a possible decrease in sugar prices at the end of August 2021 with the beginning of the sugar making season.
As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers in June proposed to permit duty-free imports of 120,000 tonnes of sugar until October 1, 2021 in order to stabilize the situation in the market for this product.

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