Business news from Ukraine


16 January , 2020  

Ukrainian vehicle manufacturers in 2019 tentatively produced 7,265 vehicles, which is 10% more than in 2018, the Ukrautoprom association has reported.
At the same time, the output of passenger cars last year increased 10.5%, to 6254 cars and all of them were manufactured at the Eurocar factory (in 2018 also, with the exception of one car made at ZAZ), buses production grew by 5%, to 875 units, commercial vehicles and trucks – by 3%, to 136 units (excluding AvtoKrAZ, which has ceased to disclose information about production since August 2016).
According to the association’s statistics, the lion’s share (126 units) in the production of commercial vehicles belongs to JSC Cherkasy Bus, which increased their production by 2.6 times, while ZAZ reduced it by 82.5%, to 15 units.
Cherkasy Bus is also a leader in the production of buses: over the past year, 441 buses were produced (the same as in 2018). Chernihiv Automobile Plant of Etalon Corporation is second. It increased production by 7%, to 202 units, and Chasiv Yar Buses is third (94 buses compared with 107 in 2018).
Another 68 buses were produced by Bogdan Corporation (a year earlier there were 50 units made), ZAZ produced 70 units compared with 45 units in 2018.
The association said that the growth rate of vehicle production accelerated by the end of the year, which was thanks to the results of December, when vehicle production doubled compared with December 2018, to 557 units thanks to an increase of 2.2 times in the assembly of Skoda cars at the Eurocar, to 432 cars.
Only Cherkasy Bus reported on the production of commercial vehicles, where 20 vehicles were manufactured in December.
Last month, bus production increased by 38%, to 105 units, including 60 units made by Cherkasy Bus (compared with 40 a year earlier), the Chernihiv Automobile Plant made 28 buses (15), Chasiv Yar Buses manufactured 11 buses (3), and 6 buses were produced by ZAZ (11).