Business news from Ukraine


9 February , 2018  

Ukrainian automobile manufacturers in January 2018 made 570 vehicles, which is 44.7% more than in January 2017, including a rise of 59.7% in production of passenger cars, to 479, the Ukrautoprom association has reported. According to preliminary data from the association, all passenger cars were made by private joint-stock company Eurocar, as it was in January 2017.
Production of commercial vehicles fell by 45.8%, to 32 (not taking into account data from PrJSC AvtoKrAZ), while bus production grew by 68.6%, to 59.
Eurocar producing Skoda cars was the leader last month. Zaporizhia Automobile Plant (ZAZ) almost did not make passenger cars in January, but it made 30 commercial vehicles (compared with 59 in January 2017) and seven buses (two a year ago).
As reported, this year ZAZ almost stopped manufacturing passenger cars.
The leader in bus production in January was Chernihiv Automobile Plant of the Etalon Corporation, making 20 buses, while a year ago the plant did not produce buses.
Chasiv Yar Bus Plant (Donetsk region) made 17 buses (14 in January 2017). Cherkasy Bus manufactured 12 buses (19) and two commercial vehicles (no commercial vehicle in January 2017).
The Bogdan Corporation’s plant made three buses (no bus in January 2017).