Business news from Ukraine


24 September , 2018  

Batkivschyna Party Leader Yulia Tymoshenko believes that Ukraine should switch from the crony economy to the social market economy, transform the economic model based on raw materials into the economy of innovative development. “This is a global trend, which was adopted as the basis and the main strategic line, including by the European People’s Party, which member Batkivschyna has been for more than ten years. A harmonious combination of free entrepreneurship with the interests of society is necessary. Today it is obvious that the market cannot be absolutely self-regulating and work in the interests of the public. It has weaknesses in the form of monopolism, ignoring the interests of the development of society, the paradigm that the strongest survives any way,” Tymoshenko said on Friday, September 21, during the presentation of the New Economic Course of Ukraine.
She said that the state should create equal rules for all. “Say “no” to monopolies. They eat any economic system, like any monopoly in any sphere of society’s life. It will be dismantled. We will finish the story with monopolies, including clans,” the leader of Batkivschyna Party said.
Tymoshenko said that the goal for this should be the accelerated economic growth with an annual rate of at least 7%, and the main driving force for all economic changes in the country should be a creative intellectual entrepreneurial class.
The leader of Batkivschyna Party said that the tasks of the monetary policy should be stabilization of the hryvnia, a reduction in inflation, the development of small banks, the introduction of long-term low-interest loans for business, and the control of the National Bank by society.
“And the speculative adventures that have been and are being conducted at the National Bank will be the subject of separate criminal investigations after the change of power: about $13 billion in four and a half years was deduced from the budget of Ukraine, from the banking system of Ukraine on the basis of speculative operations. We got almost as much, a little less, from the IMF [International Monetary Fund]. We need to remove the criminals from the National Bank who killed our currency, destroyed our economy and continue to make money on our grief,” Tymoshenko said.

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