Business news from Ukraine


3 June , 2020  

The coronavirus epidemic has had a serious impact on the global economy and the travel business in particular. According to forecasts, Ukrainian tourists will have an opportunity to travel safely as soon as the quarantine comes to an end and flight connection is resumed.
The world’s largest tour operator ANEX Tour says that it is already preparing summer tour packages.
“We are ready to ensure high-quality services, safety and the best prices. Today active preparations for the 2021 summer season are underway. Sales of tours to Maldives, Mexico, and Vietnam have started. For the 2020-2021 winter season we together with our airline company Azur Air Ukraine are planning to launch new direct flights to a lot of very popular destinations which have never been offered in Ukraine. Also, we are planning additional flights for October due to a very high demand for the destinations we used to offer before. Thus, we have much more chances to extend the number of destinations for Ukrainian travelers,” Director General of ANEX Tour Ukraine Ilker Adiguzel said.