Business news from Ukraine


8 May , 2019  

Yuzhny seaport (Odesa region), the largest seaport of Ukraine in terms of transshipment, increased cargo transshipment by 18.7% in January-March 2019 compared to January-March 2018, to 11.6 million tonnes.
According to the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, during this period the port increased the handling of exported cargo by 39.8%, to 8.973 million tonnes, decreased the handling of imported cargo by 31.98%, to 1.203 million tonnes, transit cargo handling fell by 10.22%, to 1.422 million tonnes, and the port increased handling of coastal freight 2.86-fold, to 31,930 tonnes.
According to the types of cargo, the port in January-March 2019 increased the transshipment of liquid cargo by 9.13%, to 1.077 million tonnes, increased the transshipment of dry bulk cargo by 19.45%, to 9.207 million tonnes, and increased the transshipment of packaged goods by 22.16%, to 1.315 million tonnes.
Container handling amounted to 52,000 TEU (a more than threefold increase).
Yuzhny port was founded in 1978. It is located on the Adzhalyk firth and is the deepest harbor in Ukraine. The length of its berths is around 2.6 kilometers.