Business news from Ukraine


17 July , 2017  

KYIV. July 17 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukraine intends to equalize a flow of tourists to Ukraine from Turkey with that from Ukraine to Turkey, increasing the accepting of Turkish tourists by five times, to one million people, the deputy director of the tourism and resorts department of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Vitalina Martynovska, has said.
“We plan to equalize the flow of tourists from Turkey to Ukraine with the one from Ukraine to Turkey. Today the flow of tourists from Ukraine to Turkey is about one million tourists, while that from Turkey to Ukraine five times less,” she said, when presenting the Stopover tourist product of Turkish Airlines in Kyiv.
According to Martynovska, the ministry planned several measures to stimulate a tourist flow from Turkey to Ukraine, including holding press tours for the leading Turkish mass media in Ukraine, the presentation of Ukrainian tourist products in Turkey and Ukraine’s participation in a large tourist exhibition in Izmir.
In addition, she said the agreement on the entry of Turkish citizens to Ukraine using ID cards contributes to the increase of tourist flow from Turkey.