Business news from Ukraine


18 May , 2017  

KYIV. May 18 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The website about tourism in Ukraine Zruchno.Travel, uniting the database with over 49,000 tourist attraction places in the country, was launched on May 17.
During nine months the Association of Hospitality Industry of Ukraine (AHIU), E-Ukraine Association, specialists in the tourism sphere, software designers, journalists, bloggers and social scientists designed and filled in the portal.
AHIU Board Chairman Oleksandr Liyev said at a press conference in Kyiv on Wednesday that Zruchno.Travel seeks to unite information about all existing tourist attraction places in the country. Today its database is the largest in Ukraine.
The portal has the following services: offers how to organize leisure activities during a weekend, information about events, offers of tours, tourist attraction places, catering and accommodations services in different regions of Ukraine. The portal would post news related to travelling and tourism in Ukraine.
Liyev said that representatives of power in each region can fill in pages aiming at popularizing and promoting tourism in their regions.
He said that some UAH 3 million was spent to launch the portal.
The co-founder of E-Ukraine Association and Zruchno.Travel Project Manager Yehor Stefanovych said that machine learning and big data solutions used by the portal would help to centralize the tourism sector in Ukraine, understand the main trends and existing tourist flows and forecast demand of Ukrainian tourists.