Business news from Ukraine


17 November , 2021  

Some 36% of Ukrainian citizens are not ready to be vaccinated against COVID-19, those who do not want to be vaccinated are more present among young respondents, according to a study by the Sociological Group Rating conducted on November 10-13. According to the survey, 46% of respondents noted that they have already been vaccinated (first or second vaccination), 16% indicated that they are ready to be vaccinated, while 36% are not ready.It is noted that the survey was conducted only among the adult population of Ukraine, while the official statistics of the number of vaccinated are displayed among the entire population. Over the past month, the number of vaccinations has increased (from 36 to 46%). Relatively more reluctance to get vaccinated is seen among young respondents.At the same time, 55% support compulsory vaccination of representatives of certain spheres (teachers, doctors, government officials), 35% are against it. The ban on visiting public institutions without a COVID certificate or test is supported by almost 40%, against – 53%. Almost 30% support the ban on using public transport, 65% do not.According to the study, 71% of the respondents consider it a violation of their rights to impose restrictions on unvaccinated people, 26% are of the opposite opinion. There are more of the latter in Kyiv present among the oldest respondents and those who have already been vaccinated.At the same time, 49% do not support politicians who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19, 35% of respondents are indifferent to this, and 14% support such figures.Also, 61% of respondents believe that Ukraine is capable of developing its own vaccine against coronavirus, 37% do not.According to the survey data, 40% of respondents believe that no one is to blame for the increase in the incidence of coronavirus. Every fifth (21%) blames people who refused to be vaccinated for the worsening epidemiological situation, 15% blame the Ministry of Health.At the same time, the president and the Cabinet of Ministers are considered guilty by 7-8%, local authorities – 2%. Those who do not want to be vaccinated are more likely to believe in the spontaneous causes of the increase in the incidence. Those vaccinated and those who intend to do so are more often blamed for the growth of the epidemic on those who do not intend to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.The opinion poll was conducted using the CATI method (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews – telephone interviews using a computer) based on a random sample of mobile phone numbers among the population of Ukraine over 18 years old in all regions, except for the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas.The sample is representative in terms of age, gender and type of settlement. Sample population is 2,500 respondents. The error of the representativeness of the study with a confidence level of 0.95: no more than 2%.