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12 October , 2021  

A diagnostic and treatment center with an ambulance substation was opened in Kyiv by the Adonis medical group.
According to a press release from Adonis, the new clinic will receive both adult patients and children around the clock, in the 24/7 mode. It will also have a center for children and adults, a diagnostic department (CT, MRI, X-ray, dental computer-aided tomography, ultrasound), a laboratory, a women’s consultation, a surgical department for adults and children, dentistry for children and adults, a department of oncology with oncosurgery, and a department of orthopedics and traumatology.
As reported, the Adonis medical group launched its own ambulance service in 2021.
Adonis is a network of private full-cycle medical centers for adults and children.
The private clinic Adonis was established over 20 years ago. Its network includes ten branches in Kyiv and the region, including two of its own maternity hospitals and a stem cell laboratory. In the branches of the clinic, doctors conduct appointments in 60 medical directions.

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