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In Kiev on May 20-21 without precipitation, up to 25° in afternoon

In Ukraine on Monday, May 20, in the afternoon in most western regions and in the north-eastern part of places short-term rain, thunderstorms, in the rest of the territory – without precipitation, reports Ukrhydrometcenter.
The wind is predominantly southern, 3-8 m/s. The temperature is 9-14° at night and 21-26° during the day; in the Carpathians and Crimean Mountains it is 5-10° at night and 15-20° during the day.
Weather forecast for Kiev on May 20 – no precipitation, south wind, 3-8 m/s. The temperature at night is 11-13°, during the day about 25°.
According to the Central Geophysical Observatory of Boris Sreznevsky in Kiev on May 20, the highest daytime temperature was 32.5° in 1996, the lowest nighttime temperature was 1.1° in 1943.
May 21 in Ukraine is also dry, with occasional short rains and thunderstorms in the Carpathian region and northeastern areas during the day. The wind is predominantly southeastern, 3-8 m/s.
The temperature at night 10-15°, during the day 22-27°.
Weather forecast for Kiev for May 21 – no precipitation. The wind is predominantly southeast, 7-12 m/s. The temperature at night is 13-15°, during the day about 25°.


In Kiev tomorrow up to 20 ° warm, on Monday rain and thunderstorms

On Sunday, May 5, most of Ukraine will be sunny and dry, only in the northern part, in Transcarpathia and the Carpathians in the afternoon in some places a little short-term rain, thunderstorms, according to Ukrhydrometcenter. The wind is north-eastern with a transition to south-western, 5-10 m/s.

The temperature at night is 3-8° of heat (in the eastern, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions 1-6° of heat, frost 0-3° on the soil surface); during the day 17-22° of heat, in the western regions up to 25°.

In Kiev on May 5, there will be no precipitation at night and light rain in places during the day. The wind is northeastern with a transition to southwestern, 5-10 m/s. The temperature at night is 6-8°, during the day about 20°.

According to the Central Geophysical Observatory named after Boris Sreznevsky. Borys Sreznevsky in Kiev on May 5, the highest daytime temperature was 30.2° in 2018, the lowest nighttime temperature was -0.7° in 1908.

On Monday, May 6, in Ukraine, except for the southern part, small short-term rains in places, thunderstorms in some areas, hail in some areas.

The wind is south-western with transition to north-western, 7-12 m/s, in the afternoon gusts of 15-20 m/s in some places. The temperature at night 10-15°, in the south and east of the country 6-11°; in the daytime 20-25°.

In Kiev on Monday is expected in places light, short-term rain, thunderstorms. The wind is southwesterly with transition to northwesterly, 7-12 m/s. The temperature at night is 12-14°; during the day 22-24°.

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Sweden to open trade office in Kiev

The Swedish Export Credit Agency (EKN) has started accepting applications for special credit guarantees for exports to Ukraine since March 1. The total limit of guarantees according to the country’s budget for 2024 is SEK333m ($32.1m at the current exchange rate).
According to EKN, this became possible after the Swedish government adopted a relevant decree on February 29.
In addition to the new export credit guarantees, the government also decided to open a trade secretary’s office in Kiev and appoint a new trade secretary, the press release said.
“The export credit guarantees and the opening of a new trade office in Kiev will make it easier for Swedish companies to invest in Ukraine. It is also a concrete example of how the government is working to increase synergies between aid, trade and business promotion,” the statement quotes the Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade Johan Forssell as saying.
It is indicated that guarantees will be provided for exports that can contribute to the development and welfare of Ukraine.

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OKHMATDET Hospital and St. Nicholas Church in Kiev will be illuminated to remind Ukrainians of their struggle with rare diseases

75% of Ukrainians with rare diseases remain in Ukraine despite the war, while 25% are abroad. On the International Day of Rare Diseases, which is celebrated in the last days of February, Kiev will talk about support for orphan patients and look for a solution on how to create equal European conditions of support and treatment for patients with rare diseases in conditions of full-scale war.
On Tuesday, February 27, Kiev will host a panel discussion with 40 experts. The discussion will be attended by representatives of Eurordis, European Parliament, ERN, European doctors and patient communities, representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, Ministry of Health, NHSU, State Enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine”, representatives of health departments and administrations from the regions, representatives of manufacturers of innovative medicines, expert doctors in orthopaedic areas and representatives of public organizations.
The discussion will be webcast in two languages: Ukrainian and English.
Venue: Hyatt Regency (5 Alla Tarasova Street, Kyiv).

Moderators of the event: Elena Filinyuk (SAFEMed) and Tetyana Kulesha (OS “Orphan diseases of Ukraine”).
The discussion will start at 10:00

“We realize that in the conditions of a big war it is difficult to talk about support for certain groups of the population. But in Ukraine there are orthane patients who are fighting, there are patients who are volunteering, there are relatives of patients who are volunteering or have gone to the front. Orphan patients have to live in a double war: for the life of the country, and for their own, – says the chairman of the OS “Orphan diseases of Ukraine” Tetyana Kulesha, – In addition, patients who are now abroad, started to receive therapy there, they will not return home, where there is no such treatment”.
During the public discussion they plan to touch upon such issues as:
– priorities of the state policy on providing Ukrainian orphan patients with treatment,
– the possibility to receive care through NHS packages,
– introduction of mobile palliative care,
– access to the latest medicines and therapies,
– European experience useful for Ukrainian orphan centers, for orphan doctors and many other issues.
At the end of the day at 18:00 two landmark buildings in Kiev – Okhmatdet NDSB and St. Nicholas Church – will be illuminated with colored lights, which has already become a tradition of Rare Diseases Day celebrations. In this way, the organizers want to remind a wide range of people about the need for treatment and support for orphan patients.


Wines, Tastes and Traditions: VIIІ International Forum of Winemakers and Sommeliers

On November 19, 2023, the VIII International Forum of Winemakers and Sommeliers was held in Kyiv, at the InterContinental Kyiv Hotel (2A Velyka Zhytomyrska St.), within the framework of which the following events took place:

– The jubilee XX All-Ukrainian Sommelier Competition “Master Sommelier – 2022-2023”,

– VII All-Ukrainian Cavist Competition “Best Cavist of Ukraine – 2022-2023”,

– Round table of winemakers and sommeliers as part of the Winemakers’ Dinner,

– Open tastings and presentations of wines, spirits, cheeses and other products for all guests of the events.

Organizers of professional events:

– Ukrainian Association of Winemakers and Sommeliers,

– Association of Cavists of Ukraine,

– The first in Ukraine Master Class Sommelier School.

General Partner – TM “Vinos dela Luz”

Partners: TM Big Wines, SV plus, Poli1898, Delamain, AELRED, Eyguebelle, ACHA, Purity, Zinka,, Cigar House Fortuna, Academy of Labor, Social Relations and Tourism, InterContinental Kyiv Hotel.

Ambassadors of several countries, MPs, the Chairman of the Trade Unions of Ukraine, heads of alcoholic beverage importers, restaurant managers, sommeliers, winemakers, heads of wine companies and wine boutiques, representatives of business structures, media and TV, wine connoisseurs and lovers attended the events.

The Forum opened with a minute of silence in honor of the deceased wine industry professionals who had previously participated in the Forum as participants and jury members.

Then, the anthem of Ukraine was performed live by a young singer Severina.

The professional jury was headed by Dr. Ricardo F. Nunez, owner of the international wine holding VINOS DELA LUZ. For the fourth year in a row, Dr. Nunez has been heading the jury and the Forum of Winemakers and Sommeliers of Ukraine.

Members of the professional jury:

– Natalia Blagopoluchna – President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Winemakers and Sommeliers, head of the First Sommelier School in Ukraine “Master Class”
– Oleksandr Sharay – sommelier, commercial director of SV+ company
– Yegor Bilov – sommelier of the InterContinental Kyiv Hotel, winner of the All-Ukrainian Sommelier Competition 2018
– Oleg Kravchenko – co-owner of Winbar, “Best Sommelier of Ukraine – 2011”
– Olga Girman – sommelier, winner of the All-Ukrainian Sommelier Competition 2021
– Dmytro Gurinchyk – national manager of the Cigar House “Fortuna”
– Irina Kovaleva, Director of the Tairov National Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking.
In the Final of the Contest, the participants competed in different rounds:: “Presentation and decanting of wine”, “Enogastronomy” (real serving of dishes from the chef of the restaurant Ruslan Morozyuk), “Cheese and wine”, “Blind tasting”, “Mixology”, “Cigar Tour”, etc.

In some of the tours, the participants communicated exclusively in English.

After the end of the competitions and the final work of the professional jury, the places were determined as follows:

“XX Anniversary Sommelier Competition 2022-2023”:

1st place – Svyatoslav Klymchuk (Kyiv, Bigoli restaurant)

2nd place – Igor Postoyankin (Kyiv, Catch restaurant)

3rd place – Natalia Sokolovska (Kyiv, DDS company)

“VII All-Ukrainian Cavist Competition 2022-2023”:

1st place – Vasyl Chuchman (Ivano-Frankivsk, Winetime wine boutique)

2nd place – Yevhen Boyko (Kyiv, Winetime wine boutique)

3rd place – Yevhen Brodyuk (Kyiv, Winetime wine boutique)

All finalists received Diplomas and gifts from the Partners, and the Winners received personalized cups.

The Chairman of the Jury Dr. Ricardo F. Nunez congratulated the Organizers and Finalists, thanked the Armed Forces of Ukraine and wished to hold the next Winemakers and Sommeliers Forum in peaceful Ukraine.

The General Information Partner is Interfax Ukraine News Agency.

Media Partners – Club of Experts, OPEN for BUSINESS, Kyiv Diplomatic magazine

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Kiev’s economic court has canceled entry in state register on change of president of Ukrainian Boxing Federation

The Kiev economic court has cancelled the entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Physical Entrepreneurs and Public Formations, which contained information that the president of the All-Ukrainian public organization Boxing Federation of Ukraine (FBU) was replaced by Kyrylo Shevchenko instead of Volodymyr Prodivus.

According to the state register of court decisions, the court made such a decision on June 21, having considered Prodivus’s lawsuit.

According to the materials of the court hearing, Shevchenko was elected president of the FBU at an extraordinary conference of the federation, held on February 22, 2022, the corresponding entry in the state register was made on June 15, 2022.

In turn, Prodivus on his Facebook page called the decision to elect Shevchenko as FBU president a “raider seizure of the Boxing Federation”.

He also emphasized that he does not plan to return to the post of head of the FBU, the head of the Federation will be elected in the near future.

“I by my work at the international level will not be able and do not see possible to take the post of President of the Boxing Federation of Ukraine, there are quite a few worthy representatives of the boxing family, who have such ambitions and competence. About the official date of the election will be announced later,” he wrote.

In turn, in an appeal posted on the website of the Federation Shevchenko noted that “opponents illegally changed the record of the unified state register”.

“I immediately filed an appeal, which was accepted and appointed a panel of judges for further consideration of my case,” he said.

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