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10 January , 2022  

KSG Agro agricultural holding will increase rapeseed crops this year by at least 22% from 820 hectares last year to at least 1,000 hectares in 2022, in order to increase the harvest of winter wheat, according to a press release from the group of companies on Monday.
At the same time, the cultivation of winter wheat in areas where rapeseeds were previously sown, allows to increase its yield by 5-10 tonnes per ha.
“Our strategy is to reach at least 1,000 hectares of cultivated areas under rapeseed. We harvest rapeseed in June, and until mid-September it allows us to prepare the soil well, having accumulated a sufficient amount of moisture in it. As a result, the wheat that we sow on these sown areas gives good shoots and has time to open up,” the press service of KSG Agro said, quoting Production Director Dmytro Emelchenko.
The similar decision allowed the agricultural holding in 2021 to get an increase in the yield of winter wheat at the level of 5-10 tonnes per ha compared to wheat sown after sunflower.
The vertically integrated holding KSG Agro is engaged in pig breeding, as well as in the production, storage, processing and sale of grain and oilseeds. Its land bank is about 21,000 hectares in Dnipropetrovsk and Kherson regions.

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