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19 January , 2022  

Specialists of the bridge-building division of the Avtostrada group of companies continue erecting the left-bank interchange of the Darnytsky Bridge in Kyiv; currently, work is being carried out simultaneously on all the main structures of the exit ramps – pillars and sheet-pile bulkheads are being installed, concrete work is also underway, metal structures are being manufactured, and bored piles are being installed.

The press service of the group reported on Tuesday, in particular, at object No. 8L towards Bazhana Avenue, which length will be 140 meters, 18 units of the sheet-pile bulkhead have already been installed, each weighing 14-15 tonnes. Grouting concrete is being poured into them. A truck crane with a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes was used to carry out these works. The 9th grillage of the sheet-pile bulkhead is being concreted, sheet pile wall is being installed along the embankment.
Work to install bored piles, concreting of grillages, as well as installation and concreting of backwall units continues at object No. 9L.

Avtostrada specialists are installing grillages, pillar bodies, ledgers, as well as bored piles with a diameter of 1.5 meters at objects No. 3L and No. 4L.
Two modern powerful drilling rigs Bauer BG 45 and Bauer BG 36 are involved in the installation of bored piles at the site. In total, more than 50 units of specialized equipment are involved, 110 specialists from the Avtostrada bridge-building division are working on the bridge.
The project provides for the construction of two ramps to the Dnipro River embankment (towards Bazhana Avenue and towards the Paton Bridge) and a bridge entrance ramp (from the side of Bazhana Avenue).
As reported, early October 2021, regional branch Pivdenno-Zakhidna Railway of JSC Ukrzaliznytsia signed a contract for UAH 1.15 billion with Avtostrada to carry out construction work on the railway-road bridge across the Dnipro River in Kyiv.

The Avtostrada group is one of the leaders in the road construction industry and is part of the MS Capital holding. It carries out major repairs and builds roads and bridges. It has more than 2,500 units of specialized equipment and 5,500 full-time employees.

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