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Botiyevska wind power station RAISES ELECTRICITY GENERATION BY 4% IN 2017

2 February , 2018  

Botiyevska wind power station (Zaporizhia region), part of DTEK RES, in 2017 increased its electricity production by 4.2% (by 25.916 million kWh) compared to 2016, to 639.142 million kWh, according to the calculations of Interfax-Ukraine based on data from the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry.
As reported, in 2011 DTEK began the construction of Botiyevska wind farm in Zaporizhia region and in October 2012 launched its first stage. At present the installed capacity of the plant is 200 MW.
DTEK RES’ portfolio, in addition to Wind Power with the operating 200 MW Botiyevska wind farm, also includes projects for the construction of other wind farms at various stages of development. The project to build Prymorska wind farm with a capacity of 200 MW is at the latest stage of development. The possibility of its implementation until 2020 is being considered.
In January 2017 DTEK signed a contract with General Electric Renewable Energy for the supply, installation and maintenance of 26 wind turbines with a capacity of 3 MW each for the construction of the first stage of Prymorska wind farm. The wind turbines will be delivered to Ukraine and installed on the site of Prymorska wind farm in 2018.