Business news from Ukraine


22 October , 2021  

Experts of the European Business Association (EBA) insist on the obligatory revision of the draft law on the timber market taking into account the proposals of the business, in particular, it should provide for a cascade principle of the auction.
“In our opinion, priority access to the resource should be provided to companies that have production facilities and carry out wood processing in Ukraine,” the EBA said in a press release on Thursday.
In addition, according to the press release, it is necessary to significantly revise and simplify the rules of administration of transactions with wood products.
“According to business, they are not only excessive but also inappropriate given the specifics of the market. Businesses find it inexpedient to declare transactions related to wood products, instead of focusing on declaration of the procurement and sale [resale] of wood,” the association’s experts said.
The EBA also notes the need to revise the list of wood products requiring a certificate of origin and exclude from it products that are not of primary wood processing.
The press release notes that the consideration of this bill (No. 4197-d) in the Verkhovna Rada is scheduled for October 22.
“It is worth noting that the updated version of draft law No. 4197-d took into account certain important proposals from businesses. These are provisions that provide a mechanism for the sale of timber on the terms of the offer in parity with the auction and the restructuring of state forestry enterprises by separating the woodworking units of state forestries,” the press release states.
The association notes that it continues to develop proposals for the wording of the bill, which will be submitted additionally.
As reported, revised draft law No. 4197-d on the timber market envisages the abolition of the moratorium on export of unprocessed timber from Ukraine and the introduction of a transparent timber market.

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