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24 July , 2018  

The Canadian defense sector is working on plans to develop defense cooperation with Ukraine, Conservative MP from Canada James Bezan has said in an interview with UATV. Bezan said that soon supplies of Canadian small arms could be started to Ukraine.
“Canada and Ukraine have signed one contract to supply sniper rifles. We are waiting for the signing of the permit to export the arms by the Canadian government,” he said. Bezan did not specify the participants and details of the mentioned arms contract, saying only that the forthcoming delivery of Canadian small arms to Ukraine is planned to be provided on a commercial basis within the special export license issued by the Canadian government.
According to the Canadian politician, the prospects for working in the defense market of Ukraine are currently being studied by a number of Canadian defense companies. “I know that there are other manufacturers who produce machine guns, light armored vehicles and other equipment, and study the potential of work with Ukrainian companies, Ukrainian Armed Forces,” Bezan said, recalling that for the time being there are no legislative restrictions in Canada on the supply of certain types of weapons to Ukraine.
As reported, in December 2017, the government of Canada amended the rules of arms exports, allowing the sale of small arms to Ukraine.

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