Business news from Ukraine


17 June , 2018  

The Chornomorsk maritime merchandise port (Odesa region) in January-May 2018 increased cargo handling by 32.51% year-over-year, to 8.735 million tonnes.
According to data from the Ukrainian Sea Port Authority, over the period the port boosted transshipment of export cargo by 15.65%, to 6.42 million tonnes, while handling of imported cargo grew 2.45-fold, to 1.867 million tonnes. Transit cargo transshipment rose by 59.3%, to 442,930 tonnes. The port handled 5,860 tonnes of intercoastal cargo.
Transshipment of bulk cargo fell by 20.26%, to 628,950 tonnes, packaged cargo transshipment soared by 97.59%, to 2.21 million tonnes and dry cargo – grew by 25.86%, to 5.897 million tonnes.
Chornomorsk port is a universal international port, one of the largest on the Black Sea. The enterprise has specialized terminals and systems, which allow overloading a wide range of goods: liquid, bulk, general. Its 29 berths are capable of receiving ships with a carrying capacity of up to 100,000 tonnes. The annual designed capacity of the port is more than 30 million tonnes.
The port’s capacity of container handling is 1.15 million TEU. Since 2007 the port has been capable of providing the simultaneous accepting of three ocean-going container ships with a capacity of more than 5,000 TEU and a length of up to 300 meters.

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