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State Property Fund of Ukraine sold seaport “Ust-Dunaisk” for 201 million UAH

State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPFU) on Tuesday for the first time sold the seaport at online privatization auction in “Prosorro.Sells”: the price of “Ust-Dunaysk” has increased more than threefold – up to 201 million UAH from 60.01 million UAH. According to the information in the system, eight bidders competed for the facility. The winner was “Elixir Ukraine” LLC, associated with the working at the grain market group “Vimexim”: it bypassed LLC “Trading Company” East “and” Ukrdoninvest “, which were also willing to pay over 200 million UAH.
LLC “Metallbud Alliance”, “Seinerston”, “Tybex” and “Financial Company Concord Factoring” stopped at just over 150 million UAH, and LLC “Citadel Development” – 110 million UAH.
As noted FGI, since April 1, 2022, the port “Ust-Dunaisk” resumed its work and since then has transshipped 153 thousand tons of grain and 58.3 thousand tons of imported consumer goods for export at the design capacity of 4.1 million tons.
“This is the first port privatized in the Prozorro.Sales system. A landmark event that shows the state is ready. More than twice as much competition as the average at privatization auctions, and the multiple increase in price is a confirmation of the readiness of businesses to compete for such assets,” the director of GP “Prozorro.Sells” Alexei Sobolev said in a statement from the IGF.
The fund specified that the winner has 20 working days to pay the price of the lot after the auction. Only after the receipt of funds in the budget signed a contract of sale.
Port “Ust-Dunaisk” consists of three assets: the port in Vilkovo (Odessa region), port point “Kilia” in the city of the same name and special ships service base on Shabash Island. Loading-unloading operations are carried out at Kiliya port point, located at 54th km of the Danube River. Danube. The passport depths at the pier are 3 m, the actual depth is 1.5 m.
According to the information on the website, Elixir Ukraine LLC is engaged in the wholesale trade of chemical products. Since 2016, it has been the official representative of Elixir Zorka, a Serbian manufacturer of complex mineral fertilizers.
The company’s revenue for the first nine months of 2021 amounted to 666.87 million UAH, net profit – 50.06 million UAH.
The company is headed by Oleksandr Vikhrenko, while the beneficiary is Valeriy Vikhrenko, owner of Vimexim.

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The seaport of Olvia (Mykolaiv region) was hit, no one was injured, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine reports.
“The Olvia seaport has just been hit. There are no casualties. The territory hit by the strike belongs to the Qatari company QTerminals Olvia on a concession basis,” the agency said on its Telegram channel on Monday.

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In January 2022, the Mykolaiv Sea Port increased cargo transshipment by 60.8% compared to January 2021, to 3.2 million tonnes.
As reported on the page of the Authority of the Mykolaiv seaport on Facebook, in general, in January there was a positive trend in the transshipment: 1.53 million tonnes of grain, 333,200 tonnes of vegetable oil, 564,500 tonnes of ore, 182,100 tonnes of ferrous metals and 108,600 tonnes of cast iron.
In addition, in January, the Mykolaiv sea port significantly increased the transshipment of export cargo to 2.41 million tonnes, import cargo to 640,700 tonnes, coastal cargo to 120,600 tonnes.
Since the beginning of the year, the port has handled 191 ships and 11,855 wagons.
As reported, the Mykolaiv Sea Port in 2021 reduced cargo transshipment by 0.9% by 2020, to 29.869 million tonnes.

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The administration of Pivdenny seaport (Odesa region) has revised the discount applied to port dues for ships that enter the port to carry out cargo operations with grain cargo.
According to the website of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA), from January 1, 2022, for ships that call at the seaport to carry out operations for loading or unloading general and bulk grain cargo, a 30% discount will be applied to the rates of all types of port dues that are levied in favor of the USPA.
This decision was made in accordance with the order of the port administration under No. 195/27 dated October 13, 2021.
“Grain cargo refers to cereals, legumes, oilseeds used for food, seed, fodder and technical purposes, as well as products of their processing,” the report says.
A 30% discount will be applied if the following criteria are met: loading and unloading grain cargo; bulk and general (bags and big bags) grain cargo; carrying out cargo operations at the berths located in the seaport.
The USPA emphasizes that the discounts established for the rates of port dues do not apply to the administration fee.

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Pivdenny maritime merchandise port (formerly Yuzhny, Odesa region), the largest seaport in Ukraine in terms of transshipment volume, in January-April 2021 reduced cargo handling by 18.6% compared to January-April 2020, to 16.786 million tonnes.
According to the data on the website of the state-owned enterprise Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, over four months of 2021, the seaport reduced handling of export cargo by 13.83%, to 13.12 million tonnes, import cargo by 37%, to 1.849 million tonnes, transit cargo by 24.53%, to 1.776 million tonnes, coastal cargo by 61.3%, to 41,040 tonnes.
In terms of the cargo nomenclature, the seaport in January-April 2021 reduced handling of liquid cargo by 18.95%, to 1.725 million tonnes, dry bulk cargo by 17.75%, to 13.993 million tonnes, packaged cargo by 27.84%, to 1.068 million tonnes.
Handling of containers for this period amounted to 64,316 TEU (24.77% less).

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JSC Ukrzaliznytsia and the project company of the Qatari port operator QTerminals W.L.L. – LLC QTerminals have agreed to cooperate within the framework of the concession of the specialized seaport Olvia (Mykolaiv), the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine reported on Friday.
Cooperation of the parties will be aimed at the implementation of unimpeded and regular rail transportation on the territory of Mykolaiv and their further development.
As reported earlier, representatives of Ukraine and Qatar discussed the implementation of the Olvia port concession agreement by the Qatari company QTerminals.
Ukroboronservis and Qatari’s QTerminals will also cooperate under the Olvia seaport concession.
The contract for the concession of the specialized sea port Olvia (Mykolaiv) was signed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and QTerminals W.L.L. August 20, 2020.
The concessionaire of the port of Olvia, the Qterminals company, plans to create an export grain hub on its basis.
The company plans in 2020 to invest $9.2 million in planning and designing new terminals, obtaining the necessary documents, and beginning infrastructural modernization. In 2021, the company plans to invest $31.3 million, including in new cranes, storage infrastructure and berthing facilities. In general, the Qatari company intends to invest $142 million in this project by 2024.

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