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ADONIS provides discount on consultations for pensioners

Timely consultation with a doctor is an integral part of successful treatment. It is especially important to monitor the health of people of mature age, especially those who already have chronic diseases. Regular consultations help to detect serious diseases at an early stage and effectively control chronic conditions.

Our main goal is to take care of your health. The ADONIS team strives to make medical care as accessible and profitable as possible. That is why we are pleased to offer a special discount on medical consultations for pensioners.

Terms of the promotion:

– The special offer is valid from 01.09.23 to 31.03.24;
This promotion includes consultations:
– specialist doctors at the price of 595 UAH (instead of 755 UAH);
– leading specialist doctors at the price of UAH 695 (instead of UAH 875);
– All specialists participate in the promotion, according to the schedule and the selected branch;
– The special offer is available to legally capable citizens and foreigners who have reached retirement age and have a pension certificate;
– The discount does not apply to persons served under the terms of concluded insurance contracts and persons of non-pensionable age;
– Important! To receive the discount, you must present a pension certificate.

Where is the promotion available?

You can consult a doctor at ADONIS centers at the following addresses:

– Kyiv, 26-K Dniprovska embankment st;
– Kyiv, 39 Spaska St;
– Sofiyivska Borshchahivka, 90 Akademika Shalimova St;
– Bucha, 52 Nove Shosse St;
– Obukhiv, 115-A Kyivska St.

How to take advantage of the offer?

Don’t miss this chance to get high-quality consultations from our experienced specialists at a favorable price!
Make an appointment for a consultation at the reception of the department or by calling

0 800 707 707

During the appointment, please inform us that you want to take advantage of the special offer.

Taking care of your health, the team of ADONIS clinics!

ADONIS is a network of private medical centers for adults and children. The private clinic ADONIS was founded more than 20 years ago.

Its network includes 12 branches in Kyiv and the region, including two own maternity hospitals and a stem cell laboratory.

In the clinic’s branches, doctors treat patients in 66 medical areas.

During the war, the branches with surgical units continue to help patients by providing quality medical care to military and civilians.

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The administration of Pivdenny seaport (Odesa region) has revised the discount applied to port dues for ships that enter the port to carry out cargo operations with grain cargo.
According to the website of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA), from January 1, 2022, for ships that call at the seaport to carry out operations for loading or unloading general and bulk grain cargo, a 30% discount will be applied to the rates of all types of port dues that are levied in favor of the USPA.
This decision was made in accordance with the order of the port administration under No. 195/27 dated October 13, 2021.
“Grain cargo refers to cereals, legumes, oilseeds used for food, seed, fodder and technical purposes, as well as products of their processing,” the report says.
A 30% discount will be applied if the following criteria are met: loading and unloading grain cargo; bulk and general (bags and big bags) grain cargo; carrying out cargo operations at the berths located in the seaport.
The USPA emphasizes that the discounts established for the rates of port dues do not apply to the administration fee.

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Dynamics of changes in discount rate of NBU.


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Dynamics of changes in discount rate of NBU.


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TB-Market LLC (Dnipro), owning the discount shop chain in Ukraine and part of the ATB Corporation, is not intending to adjust its plan to open new stores for 2020, Director General of ATB Corporation Borys Markov has said in a statement. “We do not change the plans for the opening of stores in 2020 we are working according to plan. However, everything will depend on the depth of the economic crisis and the quarantine period. Our plan is to open 100 stores. We have a different cycle [than other retailers], 90% of the stores that we planned to open this year were purchased in 2019 and are in different state of preparation of documents, repair, or construction,” he said during the retail company anti-crisis management online webinar broadcasted on Tuesday, April 14.
According to Markov, 90% of ATB’s retail space is owned by the company, part of the vacant space is rented by the retailer, thus, when quarantine was introduced, the company negotiated with the landlords and its tenants about the rental benefits.
“We have 10% of the stores for rent and almost 100,000 square meters of vacant space that we lease. Thus, we operate responding to the current situation, without waiting for any decisions from Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry or laws, we negotiated with everyone and tried to make compromises,” he said.
Markov also said that one of the main challenges when quarantine was introduced was to cope with large fluctuations and falling in demand of buyers.
“We have seen catastrophic amplitude of demand and supply day by day, from 50% rise to 20% decline during the last week of March. Therefore, we mainly focused on maintaining the supply chain, stable uninterrupted work of almost 10,000 staff, which provides for the movement of trade, the availability of goods and imports,” the CEO of ATB Corporation said.
ATB Corporation is a group of companies involved in retail trade, production and sale of food.

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