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ATB Corporation paid over UAH 12 bln of taxes and fees

Enterprises of the group of companies “ATB” according to the results of work in the first half of 2023 paid taxes and fees, including customs payments and the unified social contribution (USV), for a total amount of 12.01 billion UAH, the press service of the company reported to the agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

According to the press release, this is 22.7% more than in the same period last year, when UAH 9.79 billion of such contributions were made.

It is specified that UAH 8.09 billion was transferred to the state budget of the country in January-June this year (against UAH 6.65 billion in the first half of 2022), UAH 2.8 billion was paid to local budgets, and UAH 1.12 billion was paid to trust funds.

ATB Corporation is an association of large Ukrainian enterprises operating in such business spheres as retail trade, asset management, production and sale of food products, provision of services in the sphere of sports and recreation. More than 70 thousand people work at the enterprises of the corporation.

As of June 1, 2023, the corporation’s retail network has 1,188 stores compared to 1,316 stores in January-2022. According to the results of the last year in the conditions of a full-scale war against Ukraine unleashed by Russia, ATB Corporation paid UAH 20.4 billion of taxes and fees to budgets of different levels – almost UAH 1 billion more than in 2021.

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ATB opens fourth store in Bucha

The company “ATB-Market” after the restoration and reconstruction on Thursday, June 1, opened the fourth store “ATB” in Bucha, Kiev region on Tarasovskaya Street 2-V, the press service of the company said.
As specified to Interfax-Ukraine agency in press-service, the total area of a store makes 1261 sq. m, useful – 771,9 sq. m. In the renovated store eight cash desks. Working hours are from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Near the store is a parking lot for 22 parking spaces.
ATB Corporation – a union of large Ukrainian companies, operating in such business areas as retail, asset management, production and sale of food, and the provision of services in the field of sport and recreation. More than 70 thousand people work at the enterprises of corporation.
The retail network of the corporation as of June 1, 2023, consists of 1188 stores against 1316 in January 2022. Following the results of the last year in conditions of full-scale war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine, the corporation “ATB” paid to the budgets of different levels 20,4 billion UAH of taxes and fees, which exceeds the previous year’s figure almost by 1 billion UAH.

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BGV Trident Capital, founded by Illia Ponomarev and Hennadiy Butkevych (the co-owner of ATB), has invested $5 million in the robot manufacturing startup Deus Robots, created by Pavlo Pikulin in 2018.
According to a release of Deus Robots, the attracted investments will be used to organize the serial production of robots for warehouse logistics, as well as to expand the number of developers in Ukraine and the company’s entry into international markets.
It is planned that by the end of 2022 serial production will begin with a volume of about 400 robots per month. These robots will be used to automate logistics processes.
Until now, as noted, Deus Robots has developed with the personal investment of its founders. Thus, Pavlo Pikulin has already invested over $1 million of his own funds in the development of the project. In 2021, Deus Robots produced and delivered 40 robots to customers.
“In any warehouse there are a number of tasks that are solved by people: sorting, order picking and transportation of goods. We develop robotic solutions for these tasks. At the moment we have three robots: for sorting goods and parcels, for transporting racks and for pallet transportation. Next year there will be three new models of robots that will solve other problems, for example, they will be able to pick up goods from shelves and racks,” Pikulin is quoted as saying.
According to him, the robotics market is a promising area for investment. Deus Robots already has orders for the supply of 400+ robots in 2022-2023.
“One of our robots can work approximately 18 hours a day. This exceeds the working day of a loader or warehouse manager, whose working day lasts eight hours. And add weekends, vacations, hospital and other administrative costs associated with hiring people (training, transportation costs and others),” he explained.
The release also notes that the development of robotics in Ukraine is facilitated by partnership with Poshta. DEUS Robots units are already being tested in the supply chain in the processes of sorting and moving goods of Nova Poshta.
Deus Robots, a robotic company engaged in the development, production and sale of high-tech logistics equipment, was founded in Kyiv in 2018. It specializes in the development and production of technologies for autonomous mobile robots (AMR).



TB-Market LLC (Dnipro), owning the discount shop chain in Ukraine and part of the ATB Corporation, is not intending to adjust its plan to open new stores for 2020, Director General of ATB Corporation Borys Markov has said in a statement. “We do not change the plans for the opening of stores in 2020 we are working according to plan. However, everything will depend on the depth of the economic crisis and the quarantine period. Our plan is to open 100 stores. We have a different cycle [than other retailers], 90% of the stores that we planned to open this year were purchased in 2019 and are in different state of preparation of documents, repair, or construction,” he said during the retail company anti-crisis management online webinar broadcasted on Tuesday, April 14.
According to Markov, 90% of ATB’s retail space is owned by the company, part of the vacant space is rented by the retailer, thus, when quarantine was introduced, the company negotiated with the landlords and its tenants about the rental benefits.
“We have 10% of the stores for rent and almost 100,000 square meters of vacant space that we lease. Thus, we operate responding to the current situation, without waiting for any decisions from Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry or laws, we negotiated with everyone and tried to make compromises,” he said.
Markov also said that one of the main challenges when quarantine was introduced was to cope with large fluctuations and falling in demand of buyers.
“We have seen catastrophic amplitude of demand and supply day by day, from 50% rise to 20% decline during the last week of March. Therefore, we mainly focused on maintaining the supply chain, stable uninterrupted work of almost 10,000 staff, which provides for the movement of trade, the availability of goods and imports,” the CEO of ATB Corporation said.
ATB Corporation is a group of companies involved in retail trade, production and sale of food.

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LLC ATB-Invest (Dnipro), part of the ATB group of companies, plans to acquire a retail and office center in Rivne, owned by the Novus retailer, which is part of the Lithuanian group BT Invest. As the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) said it plans on February 7 to consider the case of granting permission to ATB-Invest LLC to acquire assets, namely a Rivne-based retail and office center, owned by Novus-Ukraine LLC (Kyiv).
According to the Novus website, its chain as of February 7, 2019, includes two stores in Rivne: at 26 Gagarin Street and at 24 Bohoyavlenska Street.
Novus Ukraine LLC was established in 2008, the same year the first Novus supermarket was opened in the country.
According to the State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs as of February 7, 2019, Novus Ukraine LLC is wholly owned by CJSC Consul Trade House (Vilnius, Lithuania). The final beneficiaries are Marina Pozniakova, Agnė Ruzgienė, Raimondas Tumėnas.
The charter capital of Novus Ukraine LLC is UAH 634.7 million.
The Novus supermarket chain is developed by BT Invest (Lithuania), which was established in 2008 by former shareholders of Sandora Raimondas Tumėnas and the late Ihor Bezzub.
The ATB chain in 2018 expanded by 80 new and 41 renovated retail outlets, numbering 990 stores in 22 Ukrainian regions.
It posted record high sales in its 25-year history, which amounted to UAH 103.6 billion, including VAT.

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ATB-Market LLC (Dnipro), owning the discount shop chain in Ukraine and part of the ATB Corporation, in 2018 increased goods turnover by 22% compared with 2017, to UAH 103.6 billion (VAT included), the press service of the company has told Interfax-Ukraine.
“The ATB chain has been expanded with 80 new and 41 reconstructed stores, and by the beginning of the year there were 990 outlets in 253 cities and large populated areas of 22 regions of Ukraine. The expansion of the network ensured a record turnover of UAH 103.6 billion in the 25-year history of ATB trading business (with VAT),” the press service said.
The press service said that that the company has increased the payment of taxes by 30% from the level of 2017, to UAH 9.4 billion.
The company expects in 2019 to maintain growth rates.
As reported, according to the results of 2017, the ATB chain increased trade turnover by 37% compared to 2016, to UAH 80.2 billion (including VAT).
The retail chain of ATB-Market was founded in 1993.