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ATB opens fourth store in Bucha

The company “ATB-Market” after the restoration and reconstruction on Thursday, June 1, opened the fourth store “ATB” in Bucha, Kiev region on Tarasovskaya Street 2-V, the press service of the company said.
As specified to Interfax-Ukraine agency in press-service, the total area of a store makes 1261 sq. m, useful – 771,9 sq. m. In the renovated store eight cash desks. Working hours are from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Near the store is a parking lot for 22 parking spaces.
ATB Corporation – a union of large Ukrainian companies, operating in such business areas as retail, asset management, production and sale of food, and the provision of services in the field of sport and recreation. More than 70 thousand people work at the enterprises of corporation.
The retail network of the corporation as of June 1, 2023, consists of 1188 stores against 1316 in January 2022. Following the results of the last year in conditions of full-scale war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine, the corporation “ATB” paid to the budgets of different levels 20,4 billion UAH of taxes and fees, which exceeds the previous year’s figure almost by 1 billion UAH.

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The holding company UFuture intends to invest $20 million in the creation of industrial parks in Lviv, Vinnitsa and Bucha, UFuture founder Vasily Khmelnitsky said in an exclusive interview with Interfax-Ukraine.
“I am considering plots for industrial parks, meeting with mayors. In Lvov and Vinnytsia, plots of 15 hectares, in Bucha – 20 hectares. In total (estimated investment) may be $ 20 million,” Khmelnitsky said.
In his opinion, these starting areas are too compact.
“Why is this not enough? What is 15 hectares? This is approximately 8-10 factories. And when you have built 10 factories and everything is fine there, then every year the place becomes even more attractive. An investor comes there who is satisfied with security and benefits, wants to build plant, and you already have nothing. Therefore, industrial parks need to be produced on areas of 100-200 hectares, but, unfortunately, there are not very many such sites, “Khmelnitsky said.
Regarding the sources of capital in the conditions of war, he said that he was counting on his own and credit resources.
“Today, almost nothing works for me, but I still have something, because I’m a rather big businessman. I met with a bank, which also has a difficult situation, we agreed that I would pay 50% on loans. “I’ll take some more loans from the bank. There are programs of 5, 10, 7%, this is set for economic growth, I think we need to give some soft loans,” Khmelnytsky said.

The full text of the interview with Vasily Khmelnytsky is published on the main page of the website of the Interfax-Ukraine agency

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