Business news from Ukraine


22 June , 2020  

Commodity turnover in the main retail segments returned to the pre-crisis level according to the results of May 2020, almost reaching the February figures, according to the analysis of the number and volume of payments by credit cards in the network of POS terminals of PrivatBank (Kyiv) in January-May 2020, published by the bank’s press service on Monday.
“Food retail is currently getting out the lockdown without losses. According to the analysis of the volume of payments made by cards in the bank’s retail network of terminals, in March and April 2020, non-cash turnover in food chain stores increased by 25% compared to February. In May, non-cash turnover in the food networks was 23% higher than in February,” the bank said.
Non-cash turnover in the network of pharmacies and medical goods stores increased most of all in the first months of lockdown, in particular, in March compared with February it increased by 30%. At the same time, in May non-cash turnover in the pharmacy chains fell by 18% compared to February.
According to the analysis, the most significant during the lockdown was the reduction of cashless turnover in the electronics and home appliances market, which in March amounted to 10% compared to February, and in April reached 43%. In May, the turnover in this sector returned to the pre-crisis level.
According to PrivatBank, by the end of May, the turnover in filling station chains also returned to the pre-lockdown level after sales fell by 20% in April compared to February.

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