Business news from Ukraine


23 July , 2018  

Owner of one of Ukraine’s largest confectionery companies PJSC Production Association Konti (Donetsk region) Borys Kolesnikov plans to build a chocolate factory in the center of Ukraine. “We are thinking about expanding the range of both APK-Invest and Konti, and we want to build a large chocolate factory for Konti in the center of Ukraine, and several other APK-Invest production facilities, some of which will be unique for our country. I will not disclose details yet. As the construction is over, you’re invited to a ribbon-cutting ceremony,” the owner of the companies said in an interview with Radio NV.
As reported, PrJSC APK-Invest (Donetsk region), one of the largest pork producers in Ukraine, plans to increase pig population by 75%, to one million pigs. The company also intends to introduce several new technologies in agriculture, which are widely used in Western Europe and the United States, but are new not only for Ukraine, but also for many countries of Eastern Europe. APK-Invest (TM Myasna Vesna) is a vertically integrated agro-industrial company with a complete closed cycle for the production of chilled pork: from growing grain and making compound feeds to producing and selling meat products.
In 2017, APK-Invest increased its net profit by 3.5 times to UAH 889.1 million, net income by 37.9%, to UAH 2.664 billion.
According to the National Securities and Stock Market Commission’s information disclosure system, the direct owner of 98% of the PrJSC’s shares at the end of 2017 was Ukrinvest LLC, the beneficiaries of APK-Invest, according to the state register, are Borys Kolesnikov and his wife Svitlana. The Konti Group was founded in 1997. The main production assets are Donetsk, Kostiantynivka, Horlivka confectionery factories (Ukraine) and two factories in Kursk (Russia). The main brands are Bonjour desserts, SuperKontik and Belissimo cookies, BisKonti soft biscuits, Amour and Jack sweets.

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