Business news from Ukraine


25 June , 2021  

The volume of the e-commerce market in Ukraine in 2020 grew by 41% and reached $4 billion, which is 8.8% of the total retail trade, follows from a study by Soul Partners, Baker Tilly Ukraine and Aequo with the support of USAID.
According to the study, the Ukrainian e-commerce market has tripled in the past five years and has the potential to double in the next five years.
According to the material, the share of e-commerce in Ukraine’s GDP is 2.6%. At the same time, Ukraine has a low level of spending on e-commerce per year in comparison with other countries – about $104, which is explained by the low purchasing power of the population.
The most developed sectors of e-commerce in Ukraine are electronics and clothing, but every year the share of electronics is decreasing due to the growth of other categories, the study notes.
Thus, the volume of e-commerce in clothing over 2020 amounted to $291 million, the share of online sales in the structure of retail trade in clothing was 6.8%. According to the forecast, this figure will reach 10% by 2023. The most visited online clothing stores in 2020 were Shafa (105.1 million visits), Klubok (35.1 million) and Kloomba (34.9%).
According to the research, food has become a relatively new category with a significant growth potential in the Ukrainian e-commerce market, which also includes ready-to-eat food delivery services. Thus, the volume of e-commerce in products last year amounted to UAH 150 million.
The volume of e-commerce of furniture in Ukraine last year amounted to $69 million and occupied 9.2% in the structure of retail trade. This category of trade is forecast to grow 1.7 times over the next three years. The most visited online stores last year were Jysk (18.2 million), Taburetka (8.6 million) and MebelOk (6.7 million).
Most of the purchases on the Internet are made by Ukrainians on marketplaces (63%), the rest – in specialized online stores. The largest marketplaces in Ukraine are Rozetka, Prom, Allo, Bigl and Epicentr.