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18 July , 2021  

Sales of meat for slaughter (in live weight) decreased by 2.5% in Ukraine in January-June 2021, year-over-year, to 1.60 million tonnes, milk production by 5.3%, to 4.32 million tonnes, eggs by 13.6%, to 7.38 billion pieces, the State Statistics Service of Ukraine said on the website on Friday.
According to it, as of July 1, the poultry population in Ukraine decreased by 3.8%, year-over-year, to 239.2 million heads, cattle by 6.5%, to 3.23 million heads (including the number of cows decreased by 5.8%, to 1.67 million heads), sheep and goats by 5.0%, to 1.39 million heads, while the number of pigs increased by 0.7%, to 6.11 million heads.
The sale of poultry for slaughter by agricultural enterprises decreased by 0.6% in the six months of 2021 versus January-June 2020 and amounted to 325.06 million heads, the sale of pigs increased by 10.1%, to 2.51 million heads, cattle decreased by 14.2%, to 157,900 heads, sheep by 27.9%, to 24,000 heads.
Agricultural enterprises for the same period sold 21.5% fewer eggs, 3.52 billion pieces.
The State Statistics Service said that for the specified period, Kyiv region became the leaders in the production of eggs with 1.32 billion pieces (2% more year-over-year), Khmelnytska with 260 million pieces (33.2% less), Kherson with 252.3 million pieces (28.6% less) and Dnipropetrovsk regions with 249.9 million pieces (5.2% less).
According to the statistics department, in the first half of 2021 most milk was produced by the enterprises of Poltava some 195,800 tonnes (1% less year-over-year), Cherkasy some 143,200 tonnes (5.1% less), Kharkiv some 123,200 tonnes (1.7% more) and Chernihiv some 115,100 tonnes (7.0% less).

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