Business news from Ukraine


22 February , 2022  

The European Business Association (EBA) conducted an express survey of 53 executives of the association’s member companies, during which 90% reported continuing to work as usual.
“According to the results of the express survey conducted by the association last night (on the eve of Russia’s decision), about 90% of company executives reported that they continue to work as usual. Of these, about 70% of companies already have plans B for emergency situations. At the same time, 15% report readiness for relocation, but remain in Ukraine and continue to follow the course of events,” the association said in a release on Tuesday.
“Only 3% of business leaders reported going abroad, another 11% – about the departure of their families, however, some did this at the request of the head offices of the companies,” the EBA said.
“The self-possession and strength of our companies, which continue to work and believe in a better future for Ukraine, is extremely impressive. Responsible business has always been an active participant in important events in the country, takes care of its employees and their families, supports the army and society. Business believes in Ukraine! Therefore we hope that the state will also declare its support by preventing pressure on transparent business,” the press service said, citing EBA Executive Director Anna Derevyanko.
The EBA offices in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro and Kharkiv also continue to operate as usual, the EBA added.