Business news from Ukraine


29 November , 2018  

PJSC Azot (Cherkasy), part of Dmytro Firtash’s Group DF, has started producing new type of mineral fertilizers – a urea-ammonium mixture with sulphur, the enterprise has reported in a press release. Azot Board Chairman Vitaliy Skliarov, the specialized fertilizer segment, which includes the urea-ammonium mixture with sulphur, is actively developed in Ukraine. The plant quickly launched new production.
In 2017, the volume of the Ukrainian market of the urea-ammonium mixture with sulphur was around 45,000 tonnes and demand on it continues growing. Production of the urea-ammonium mixture with sulphur was organized at the basis of the operating facilities of Azot. The production capacity is 36,000 tonnes a year. In September, the enterprise made a first experimental batch of 540 tonnes, which is ready for shipment to customers.
Skliarov said that Cherkasy Azot is not the first Ukrainian enterprise, which started producing the urea-ammonium mixture with sulphur. However, the plant has market advantages compared with small enterprises, which are involved in artisanal production.
The share of ammonium in the finished product is 26-28.5%, the share of sulphur is 2%, ammonium nitrate – 35-37%, ammonium sulfate – 8.2-8.6% and urea – 27-30%.

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