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S-Engineering LLC production company (Odesa) at the end of February signed a licensing agreement with AEG Power Solutions, which will provide it with the exclusive right to manufacture solar converters using AEG PS technology. According to the website of S-Engineering, converters with a capacity of up to 1,000 kVA will be produced at its Odesa factory under the SEMAG brand, created by the Metropoliya group of companies and SE Group International.
At present, converters, which are the main component of solar plants, are not produced in Ukraine.
“The equipment produced by under the AEG PS technology in Ukraine will have a sufficient share of local production to receive the U-1 certificate confirming the Ukrainian origin of the goods,” Oleksandr Semeniuh, the director for solar energy projects at S-Engineering LLC, said.
Vice President for Business and New Markets Development at AEG Power Solutions Jorg Liedloff said that in future the company has big plans to expand the product line that is manufactured using its technology in Ukraine.
Metropoliya provides engineering services of a full cycle in the energy sector. SE Group International, headed by S-Engineering, manufactures switchboard equipment certified under European standards.
AEG Power Solutions is the leading global supplier of power supply systems and solutions.

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PJSC Azot (Cherkasy), part of Dmytro Firtash’s Group DF, has started producing new type of mineral fertilizers – a urea-ammonium mixture with sulphur, the enterprise has reported in a press release. Azot Board Chairman Vitaliy Skliarov, the specialized fertilizer segment, which includes the urea-ammonium mixture with sulphur, is actively developed in Ukraine. The plant quickly launched new production.
In 2017, the volume of the Ukrainian market of the urea-ammonium mixture with sulphur was around 45,000 tonnes and demand on it continues growing. Production of the urea-ammonium mixture with sulphur was organized at the basis of the operating facilities of Azot. The production capacity is 36,000 tonnes a year. In September, the enterprise made a first experimental batch of 540 tonnes, which is ready for shipment to customers.
Skliarov said that Cherkasy Azot is not the first Ukrainian enterprise, which started producing the urea-ammonium mixture with sulphur. However, the plant has market advantages compared with small enterprises, which are involved in artisanal production.
The share of ammonium in the finished product is 26-28.5%, the share of sulphur is 2%, ammonium nitrate – 35-37%, ammonium sulfate – 8.2-8.6% and urea – 27-30%.

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