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Coca-Cola starts construction of new plant in China

24 May , 2024  

Swire Coca-Cola has started construction of a plant in Guangdong Province, China, Xinhua reports.

The Coca-Cola bottler’s investment in this project will amount to 1.25 billion yuan ($176 million).

The enterprise will cover an area of about 128 thousand square meters and will be equipped with 11 bottling lines, warehouses and other auxiliary facilities. Once the plant is up and running, the Chinese company’s production capacity is expected to increase by about 66% compared to the current level.

Swire Coca-Cola Managing Director Su Wei said that the company will continue to increase its investments in China. From 2023 to 2032, the planned volume of investments in the Chinese market will exceed 12 billion yuan.

“Expanding our operations in such a dynamic and fast-growing market is really exciting and exciting for us,” she said.

Swire Coca-Cola is the fifth largest bottler of Coca-Cola Co. in the world in terms of sales. The company has five bottling plants in Guangdong province with 14 production lines.

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