Business news from Ukraine


27 June , 2022  

The leaders of the G7 countries will announce the provision of new financial, humanitarian and military support to Ukraine, Bloomberg reports citing a draft statement of these countries from the summit in Bavaria.
“We will continue to provide financial, humanitarian, military and diplomatic support to Ukraine, as well as support it for as long as necessary,” the agency quotes from a document received by it.
Bloomberg emphasizes that this “wording is important because the members of the G7 are concerned about the prolongation” of the war. However, some countries, including Germany and France, “have hinted that they may be more open to the idea of a negotiated ceasefire.”
According to the agency, the document says that the leaders of the G7 are also considering the possibility of using revenue from duties to support Ukraine.
It is noted that earlier the G7 discussed how to coordinate actions to combat rising inflation and prevent a recession, as well as ways to maintain “pressure on Russia.”
The G7 summit is taking place in Bavaria on June 26-28.

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