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Ilham Aliyev says he is ready for “fair peace” with Armenia

20 November , 2023  

Azerbaijan has been waiting for more than two months for a response from Armenia to official Baku’s comments on the proposal for a peace treaty, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has said.

“We are waiting for Armenia to respond to our comments on the proposal. We have exchanged proposals on the draft peace treaty several times, but now we have been waiting for more than two months, since September 11, for the Armenian government to respond to us. We want to know their opinion on these comments. But we have not received a response,” Aliyev said in a press statement on Monday.

The Azerbaijani head of state emphasized that the reason is that Armenia “receives bad advice,” in particular from France.

“France plays a very destructive role in the South Caucasus. In fact, Armenia has become a puppet of the French government, and this can pose a serious threat to regional stability,” Aliyev said.

He reiterated that Azerbaijan “does not need any war”. “We fought on our territory, restored justice and international law. But the Armenian government and political establishment are thinking about revenge. And the wrong messages of the French government actually create illusions in the Armenian government, and perhaps in the Armenian public opinion,” that they can launch military aggression against Azerbaijan, the president said.

He emphasized that Azerbaijan is ready for peace. “We are ready for peace, but a just peace based on the recognition of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of both countries. Peace based on common sense and historical justice,” Aliyev said. Earlier, the Experts Club analyzed the political and economic situation in the Caucasus. You can learn more about the prospects for the development of Transcaucasia after the end of the Karabakh conflict in the video on the Experts club channel here:

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