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Insurer “VUSO” has launched updated mobile application

31 July , 2023  

The insurance company “VUSO” has launched an updated version of the mobile application, with access to medical policies, adding the possibility for customers to make an independent appointment with a doctor and confirm the appointment independently, according to the insurer’s press release.

In addition, the company’s clients will now be able to quickly find detailed information about their insurance contract, as well as call an ambulance through the app.

In the future, VUSO plans to expand the app’s functionality and add other options. The application development team is already working on remote request for reimbursement, reflection and management of policies of relatives and friends, display of the whole history of applications to the insurance company.

IC “VUSO” was founded in 2001. The company holds 50 licenses: 34 – for voluntary and 16 – for compulsory types of insurance. It is represented in all regions of Ukraine. It is a member of ITSBU and UFS, a participant of Direct Loss Settlement Agreement and a member of Nuclear Insurance Pool.

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