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NovaPay launches beta version of mobile application

NovaPay payment system is launching a beta version of a mobile application that will allow customers to open a payment account, issue a virtual card, and conduct financial transactions with it.

“Customers will receive a 20% discount, which can be used to pay for shipments, parcel receipt, and cash on delivery. At the same time, all the usual money transactions and quick registration are available in the app,” the company explained in a press release on Wednesday.

According to NovaPay, account opening, maintenance, payments, transfers, and cash withdrawals up to UAH 100 thousand are now free of charge, while only domestic payments and transfers are available.

“…it is not yet possible to pay abroad with a NovaPay card, pay for goods on foreign websites, or pay for services of companies not registered in Ukraine,” the release says.

It is noted that the application allows you to make transfers to cards and accounts using the details, issue parcels on credit (through the subsidiary NovaPay Credit LLC – IF-U), pay for utilities, replenish your mobile account, receive cash on delivery for parcels on the card, and send a transfer from the card to a Nova Poshta branch.

According to the release, in order to use the NovaPay app, customers need to register with Diia, and soon it will be possible to do so at Nova Poshta (NP) outlets.

In addition, through the app, you can order a plastic payment card from MasterCard and receive it at the nearest branch or post office with free delivery.

“This became possible thanks to an extended license from the NBU; currently, NovaPay is the only Ukrainian fintech company to have received it. The limited beta version is already available for download on Google Play,” the press service summarized.

Founded in 2001, NovaPay is an international financial service that is part of the Nova Poshta group of companies and provides online and offline financial services in more than 3,500 NP branches. According to its website, the company employs about 13 thousand people in 24 branches across Ukraine.

According to the NBU, the company accounts for 35% of total domestic money transfers and is the leader in domestic money transfers, but the share of transfers made through it has decreased from 45% in May-December 2022.

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Insurer “VUSO” has launched updated mobile application

The insurance company “VUSO” has launched an updated version of the mobile application, with access to medical policies, adding the possibility for customers to make an independent appointment with a doctor and confirm the appointment independently, according to the insurer’s press release.

In addition, the company’s clients will now be able to quickly find detailed information about their insurance contract, as well as call an ambulance through the app.

In the future, VUSO plans to expand the app’s functionality and add other options. The application development team is already working on remote request for reimbursement, reflection and management of policies of relatives and friends, display of the whole history of applications to the insurance company.

IC “VUSO” was founded in 2001. The company holds 50 licenses: 34 – for voluntary and 16 – for compulsory types of insurance. It is represented in all regions of Ukraine. It is a member of ITSBU and UFS, a participant of Direct Loss Settlement Agreement and a member of Nuclear Insurance Pool.

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Kyiv-based Dobrobut continues to develop its mobile application for customers

During the year of operation from July 2022 to June 2023, 106 thousand sessions were recorded in the Dobrobut mobile application (the number of times the application was used by one client).

Dobrobut told Interfax-Ukraine that 67 thousand sessions were recorded on the iOS system and 39 thousand on the Android system.

On average, the system records 7,500 appointments for services through the app per month, with the most popular service being an appointment for a doctor’s consultation.

On average, a client views 10 pages on iOS or six pages on Android in one session.

In total, 40% of the app’s sessions were used for making an appointment and paying for services, 30% for viewing documents (doctor’s report, test results, etc.), and 30% for searching for a doctor or viewing a doctor’s profile.

Dobrobut Medical Network launched its mobile application in 2016.

The application allows access to digital medical services on the phone: making an appointment with a doctor at any Dobrobut medical center, viewing consulting opinions, research results, paying for services, making an appointment for online doctor’s explanations, and much more.

The app allows you to link medical records of children and other family members to your profile after verification. With the ability to open multiple profiles, you can collect the medical records of the entire family in one place, as well as make appointments and pay for treatment from one account.

The Documents section stores the doctor’s notes made after each visit, consultative conclusions, test results, research, and other medical documents. It is also possible to upload additional user documents, which will be stored in the same section.

“Dobrobut is one of the largest private healthcare networks in Ukraine. The company’s portfolio includes 17 medical centers in Kyiv and Kyiv region, an emergency service, dentistry, and pharmacies. The medical centers of the network provide services for children and adults in more than 75 medical areas. Every year, Dobrobut specialists perform more than 7,000 surgeries. The network employs 2,700 people.

Thanks to cooperation with international charities such as Direct Relief International, Children of War Foundation, International Medical Corps and University of Miami Global Institute, as well as the work of the Dobrobut Foundation, the network’s clinics continued to operate even during the hostilities and provided a significant part of medical services free of charge for months. Since the first days of the war, the Dobrobut Medical and Diagnostic Center in Kyiv has been providing emergency medical care to Ukraine’s defenders and people wounded in the fighting 24/7 free of charge. Thanks to the activities of the charitable foundations Direct Relief International and Dobrobut Foundation, the Dobrobut Medical and Diagnostic Center provides free medical care to wounded soldiers and people in difficult situations due to the hostilities.

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Several companies and banks are designing a mobile application for buying government domestic loan bonds, Head of the Depositary Operations Department of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Andriy Suprun has said.
“I think that next year, perhaps at the beginning of the year, the purchase of government domestic loan bonds by individuals can occur in several clicks in a mobile application. Several market players are currently working on the creation of this solution,” he said at the annual Ukrainian Financial Forum in Odesa, organized by the ICU investment group.
Suprun said that the NBU, for its part, provides them with the necessary support.
“We are writing an open API [application programming interface] and allow everyone to get involved in this competition, to provide the corresponding service to the market,” he said.
In addition, the representative of the NBU said there will be an opportunity to submit brokerage applications in the primary government domestic loan bonds market in the near term.
“In fact, the next auction can take place with a possibility for any investor to submit applications to the Finance Ministry through primary dealers. This should improve the indicators of attracting funds, primarily from the population,” Suprun said.
In general, he considers these initiatives to be mutually beneficial for the state and the population.
“The state receives a resource, natural persons – a good percentage, almost tax free, in contrast to deposits, as well as a 100% state guarantee for any amount,” he said.

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