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Kametstal installs new blast furnace gas blower to reduce energy consumption

30 May , 2024  

Metinvest Group’s Kametstal Iron and Steel Works (Kamianske, Dnipro Oblast) has installed a new single-stage blower in cooperation with YASNO Energy Efficiency, which will help reduce energy consumption and cut operating costs in the process of blast furnace gas injection at gas-assisted compressor station No. 6.

According to the company, the new gas blower, which plays a key role in the technological process of transporting blast furnace gas of the required performance and pressure parameters for rollers, has an average electricity consumption of 200 kWh, taking into account the efficiency of the electric motor and control system. The capacity and pressure control is ensured by the installed guiding apparatus and a 0.4 kV frequency converter. The control systems are individually designed on the basis of a Siemens controller to operate in automatic mode within the specified performance range.

It is specified that the hourly power consumption of the previous equipment averaged 650 kWh. With a nominal capacity of 850 kWh, it required manual adjustment of the required parameters, which also reduced the stability of maintaining the required performance parameters and pressure of blast furnace gas in the existing pipelines through which it is transported to the heating furnaces of the pipe billeting mill.

A modern European-made supercharger was installed at the existing industrial site. Thanks to the optimal solutions implemented by the company’s power engineers, the maximum amount of available process equipment was used. Along with the dismantling of the previous equipment, the contractors relocated existing utilities, reconstructed the electrical room, and laid a new cable line from the substation to the gas compressor station 6.

“Kametstal was established on the basis of PJSC Dnipro Coke and Chemical Plant (DKKhZ) and PJSC Dnipro Metallurgical Plant (DMK).

According to the 2020 report of Metinvest Group’s parent company, Metinvest B.V. (Netherlands) owned 100% of the shares in DCCP.

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