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KAN Development invests $80 mln in construction of two schools in Kyiv

17 June , 2024  

KAN Development will invest about $80 mln in the construction of two schools in Kiev. construction two schools designed for more than 2,000 pupils in total, Igor Nikonov, founder of the KAN Development development company, told Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

“We fulfill our social obligations to the residents of the Republic Residential Complex. Here will be the largest educational institution in our A+ network. The building of 25 thousand square meters will house Respublika STEAM І-ІІІІ school and A+STEAM kindergarten. We will strive to launch it already by September 1, 2026,” Nikonov said during the official start of the construction of the construction work on Monday.

The building, designed by archimatika, will be located on a 3.3-hectare plot of land and will consist of four separate educational blocks: kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school – united by a large 80×18-meter column-free central atrium with an amphitheater in the center.

According to Nikonov, the investment in launching the school (construction and equipment) is estimated at about $40 million.

In parallel, work is underway on another school, on McCain St., a project that went to KAN Development six months ago. “Historically, there were commitments by another company to build an American school there, but due to the war this project was stopped. We have now finalized its concept. There will be IT direction, from the first grade to 12,” Nikonov said.

Architectural workshop “A. Pashenko” is working on the project. The area of the building is about 26 thousand square meters. m. The school is also designed for about 1 thousand pupils. The volume of investments is $40 million.

“On the basis of this school we want to make a small university. For this purpose we have already allocated the premises, about 3 thousand square meters. m. Our goal is to provide in our A+ network continuous quality education up to 23 years of age, from kindergarten to getting a profession,” Nikonov said.

This school, too, is scheduled to open on September 1, 2026, but Nikonov said Respublika STEAM is a priority. “We’re all dependent on financial issues. We definitely have funds reserved for schools, but the STEAM school is more important because it is our commitment to the residents of the LCD,” he said.

He added that great attention is paid to ensuring safety: all 11 institutions of the A+ network will be provided with shelters. In schools under construction they are included in the projects, in existing schools they are adapted, if the existing solutions allow, or separate ones are built. In particular, two new shelters are being built for existing schools – for the elementary school in “Republic” and for the school in “Comfort Town”. The budget of each of the projects is UAH 70 mln.

KAN Development was established in 2001. The company’s portfolio includes Ocean Plaza, Respublika Park, Tetris Hall, Central Park, Comfort Town, Faina Town, Respublika, IQ Business Center and 101 Tower. For more than 20 years on the market, KAN Development has developed more than 3 million square meters of residential, retail and commercial real estate. The company is also actively developing its own network of “A+” educational institutions.


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