Business news from Ukraine


4 April , 2022  

Medical group of companies Adonis (Kyiv) opened an appointment in Uzhgorod on the basis of the partner clinic “Plusmed”. As the Interfax-Ukraine agency was told in the medical group, we are talking about accepting patients in the direction of reproductive technologies. Patients who are served under pregnancy management contracts can continue to be observed by ADONIS doctors, both in clinics in Kyiv and Obukhov, as well as in the Plusmed clinic in Uzhgorod. In addition, in Uzhgorod, patients will be able to receive services for the treatment of infertility and pregnancy management, as well as the treatment of gynecological diseases and prenatal diagnosis, including ultrasound at all stages, including screening, and invasive procedures (amniocentesis, chorionic villus biopsy, placental villus biopsy) . In addition, in Uzhgorod “Adonis” will provide ultrasound examination and laboratory diagnostics services. “The embryos and biomaterial of ADONIS patients are safe in Uzhgorod, on the territory of the Plusmed medical center,” the medical group said. Adonis is a network of private medical centers for adults and children. Adonis Private Clinic was founded over 20 years ago. Its network includes 12 branches in Kyiv and the region, including two own maternity hospitals and a stem cell laboratory. In the branches of the clinic, doctors receive patients in 66 medical areas.

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