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Medical group of companies Adonis (Kyiv) opened an appointment in Uzhgorod on the basis of the partner clinic “Plusmed”. As the Interfax-Ukraine agency was told in the medical group, we are talking about accepting patients in the direction of reproductive technologies. Patients who are served under pregnancy management contracts can continue to be observed by ADONIS doctors, both in clinics in Kyiv and Obukhov, as well as in the Plusmed clinic in Uzhgorod. In addition, in Uzhgorod, patients will be able to receive services for the treatment of infertility and pregnancy management, as well as the treatment of gynecological diseases and prenatal diagnosis, including ultrasound at all stages, including screening, and invasive procedures (amniocentesis, chorionic villus biopsy, placental villus biopsy) . In addition, in Uzhgorod “Adonis” will provide ultrasound examination and laboratory diagnostics services. “The embryos and biomaterial of ADONIS patients are safe in Uzhgorod, on the territory of the Plusmed medical center,” the medical group said. Adonis is a network of private medical centers for adults and children. Adonis Private Clinic was founded over 20 years ago. Its network includes 12 branches in Kyiv and the region, including two own maternity hospitals and a stem cell laboratory. In the branches of the clinic, doctors receive patients in 66 medical areas.

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For the oxygen needs of patients with COVID-19, some 35 oxygen producers have been involved, including 23 medical and 12 technical oxygen producers, Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liashko has said.
“Today, not a single patient, not a single hospital in the country is left without oxygen. Yes, in certain hospitals and regions there is increased demand for oxygen, but it is controlled and issues are resolved promptly and in a team,” he said at a briefing on Thursday.
Liashko said that Ukraine is currently at its maximum values in terms of the daily number of new cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Thus, 47,380 patients with a diagnosis of COVID-19 were hospitalized.
Currently, 480 hospitals provide medical care to patients with COVID-19, they have more than 70,000 beds for patients with COVID-19, of which more than 66,000 are with oxygen. Patients with COVID-19 or with suspected disease occupy 67% beds.
At the same time, Liashko noted that the actual occupancy of beds with oxygen by patients in need of oxygen therapy is 50%. “The situation is uneven, and 46 out of 480 hospitals [about 10%] have oxygen beds already 100% occupied, and 193 [about 40% of hospitals] have the oxygen bed occupancy at 75%. The remaining 60% of clinics are without critical load,” he said.

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Ukraine is actively adding beds with oxygen for patients with COVID-19, it can allocate up to 15,000 more beds, head of the Center for Health Economics of the Kyiv School of Economics Yuriy Hanychenko said at a weekly online briefing.
“Ukraine has not yet allocated all the beds. If we compare with the spring wave, then Ukraine is able to allocate another quarter of the beds to those that have already been allocated, this is about 15,000 beds,” Hanychenko said.
He said that in general, the situation with the load on the healthcare system is not critical at the moment, however, in some regions of Ukraine, the occupation of beds with oxygen has reached a critical level.
“We are not talking about the maximum load on the entire health care system, but, as we know, in some regions the situation in terms of the percentage of bed occupancy is nearly critical,” Hanychenko said.

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It is known that the so-called “post-COVID syndrome,” or the duration of symptoms of coronavirus disease, can last 12 weeks or more from the onset of the disease. The symptoms can occur from any system of the patient’s body, but most often it is the respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems.
Also among the symptoms of “post-COVID syndrome” are neurological disorders, such as prolonged weakness even after a mild course of the disease, sleep disturbances and severe weakness. Cognitive disorders are also common – impaired memory and functions of the higher nervous system.
Ukrainian experts and their colleagues from the EU in the United States recommend restorative therapy, physical rehabilitation, proper nutrition and normal sleep. Patients with clear complaints need additional examination and correction if necessary.
The Dnipro-Beskyd health resort became the first one in Truskavets where a comprehensive rehabilitation program after COVID-19 using unique mineral waters was developed and implemented.
Today, tens of thousands of Ukrainians suffer from post-COVID syndrome, many need long-term rehabilitation. The virus aggressively attacks the lungs, and complications can spread to the nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems. Therefore, specialists from Dnipro-Beskyd together with scientists from the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine have developed effective methods that have already helped many return to normal life.
The rehabilitation program for patients with post-COVID syndrome in the Dnipro-Beskyd health and hotel complex is unique and exclusive, because only here there is an opportunity to conduct effective rehabilitation using Pomiretska Naftusya mineral water.
It has been known since 1836, has no analogues in the world, the composition of beneficial bacteria is ten times greater than in all existing analogues, while mineralization is much less, which allows faster digesting by the human body. It has been scientifically proven that Naftusya is the only “living water” in the world that strengthens human immunity. The healing properties of Naftusya were first described in the Ceplice works by royal (Polish) physician Wojciech Oczko in 1578. Water is received in the world’s first pump room with a contactless access system in Europe.
Also, only patients of Dnipro-Beskyd undergo rehabilitation with the use of natural hydrogen sulfide mineral water from well No. 123, one of the oldest sources, known since 1836.
During the baths, hydrogen sulfide enters the human body through the skin and mucous membranes, as well as through the lungs during respiration. As a result of its action, hydrogen sulfide normalizes blood pressure, increases blood flow and slows heart rate, improves metabolism, reduces the manifestations of various inflammatory processes, strengthens intervertebral cartilaginous discs, increases oxygen consumption and pulmonary ventilation. Hydrogen sulfide baths help normalize the immune and nervous systems. Patients become calm, their sleep and mood improve.
The use of unique mineral waters in combination with a modern medical and diagnostic base and highly qualified medical staff makes the program as effective as possible. This allows you to return to a normal lifestyle in the shortest possible time.
Patients who have already undergone the rehabilitation program note significant improvements, after the first days of treatment they can move without shortness of breath, cough decreases, sleep and general condition improve.
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Rehabilitation is needed for patients with complaints of cough, poor sleep, fatigue, and cardiovascular disease. Specialists of Dnipro-Beskyd have developed an individual rehabilitation program for such patients. Those who have suffered from pneumonia are offered procedures to help repair the lungs affected by COVID-19.
The cost of the rehabilitation program includes accommodation, food, diagnosis and treatment, the cost of the program starts from UAH 720 per day, there are also promotional offers.
Find out more on the official website of the Dnipro-Beskyd health-hotel complex –

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More than 70% of beds allocated for patients with COVID-19 are provided with oxygen today in Ukraine, Deputy Minister of Health, Chief Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Viktor Liashko said.
“Today, more than 70% of all beds allocated for COVID-19 are provided with oxygen. Now 55-60% of those hospitalized need oxygen treatment,” Liashko wrote on his Facebook page.
He said that 64,349 beds have been redesigned in hospitals to provide medical care for people with COVID-19, of which 44,436 are oxygen beds, which is almost 70% of all allocated beds.
“Today in hospitals we have 29,487 free beds with oxygen. On average, 55-60% of those hospitalized with COVID-19 need oxygen support,” he said.

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The occupancy of beds by patients with COVID-19 in Ukraine as of Monday morning is 52%, Health Minister Maksym Stepanov said during a press briefing in Kyiv on Monday.
“Some 53,445 beds have already been introduced for the treatment of patients with COVID-19, of which 27,792 beds are occupied by patients. The occupancy of beds is 52%. We continue to introduce beds, we can increase the maximum to almost 90,000 (50% of all beds),” he said.
“Some 25.996 beds are provided with oxygen. In general, 12,168 beds are provided with oxygen throughout the country. But in some regions there is a tense situation – this is Kyiv, Cherkasy, and Kharkiv regions,” the minister added.

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