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More than 4 thousand companies opened by 14 Ukrainians over past four years. Where are most mass entrepreneurs in Ukraine?

23 May , 2024  

More than 4 thousand companies have been founded by 14 Ukrainians over the past four years, according to the Unified State Register (USR). Each of these serial entrepreneurs accounts for more than 100 companies. The record holder among Ukraine’s serial entrepreneurs is opening 3-4 new companies a day in 2024. And the largest mass founder of companies is TAYKUN AP LLC – 532 companies.

4003 companies were created by 14 mass founders in Ukraine over the past four years. Opendatabot considers individuals and legal entities with 100+ companies to be mass founders. It is worth noting that one company may have more than one mass founder, and companies may change founders over time.

A record number of companies was created by Vitaliy Ilnytsky – 1399 businesses since the beginning of 2020. It is worth noting that this businessman confidently maintains his leadership this year. Since the beginning of the year, he has been opening about 3-4 companies a day: 507 companies in five months.

Serhiy Seko is in second place: according to the USR, he is the founder of 810 companies. Vitalii Tretyak rounds out the top three serial entrepreneurs: 436 companies over the past 4 years.

Almost half of the mass founders register companies in Kyiv – 1766 businesses or 44.1% of the total. Other popular regions among serial entrepreneurs are Lviv (8.4%), Kyiv (7.6%), Odesa (5.8%), and Dnipro (4.3%).

30.7% of companies created by mass founders are in the wholesale trade sector. Another 6% are in the field of land and pipeline transportation and 5.5% in the field of security services.

Serial entrepreneurs are not only people but also other companies. For example, 7 companies created another 2019 businesses in the same period. The leader among legal mass founders is TAYKUN AP LLC – 532 companies.

ALTON OBJECT LLC became another mass founder among legal entities – 332 companies. BUSINESS INNOVATION LLC is on the third place: 305 companies.

77% of these companies are established in Kyiv and Kyiv region.

Among these companies, the most popular areas are also wholesale trade (46.5%) and construction (7.5%).

Attorney Denys Popov notes that a large number of registered businesses owned by one person or company can be an alarming sign – it is worth checking the reputation and information about such a company before interacting.

“By law, any citizen or company can register an unlimited number of businesses. At the same time, this allows unscrupulous businesses to register companies for fictitious persons who will not be responsible for the company’s obligations in the future. Most often, this trend is found in businesses that are preparing for bankruptcy in advance or in one-day companies that do not aim to actually do business,” comments Denys Popov, attorney, insolvency officer, legal engineer at Opendatabot.

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