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Nova Poshta to open 40 business branches in 2021

7 January , 2021  

Nova Poshta is introducing a new concept of branches, which will provide a full range of services for business clients and will actually replace the operator’s existing cargo branches.

According to the press service of the company, there are plans to open 40 such business branches in 2021 in the cities with the population of over one million people, regional centers and some large district centers.

“Nova Poshta has a lot of business clients – these are e-commerce market players, big business and small entrepreneurs working in various fields. Over the years of working with business, we have already thoroughly studied their needs: they make many shipments, delivering goods of various sizes – from small jewelry to large-sized equipment. They value their time and want to receive high-quality comprehensive services quickly and conveniently. We took all this experience into account when developing the concept of our new branches,” Nova Poshta CEO Oleksandr Bulba said.

The company notes that it is looking for co-investors to build new branches from scratch that will be focused on the needs of business clients. The partnership model is as follows: the investor builds branches at his own expense, and Nova Poshta undertakes to take it on a long-term lease.

“The new business branches will be placed in locations with a high concentration of businesses and developed infrastructure: the presence of access roads, parking for customers, etc. The branch premises will be divided into a front office and a back office. The first will be divided into two zones for processing items: up to 30 kg and over 30 kg. In turn, the back office will have an area for processing parcels and cargo, a packing department and a comfort zone for workers,” the report says.