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Nova Poshta intends to acquire Lviv-based Nova Development

Nova Poshta LLC, Ukraine’s largest logistics operator from the NOVA group, intends to acquire Nova Development LLC (Sokilnyky village, Lviv district, Lviv region), whose main activity is the lease and operation of its own or leased real estate.

According to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU), it granted Nova Poshta permission on Thursday to acquire a stake that ensures exceeding 50% of the votes in Nova Development.

The state register states that Nova Development, registered at the end of May 2023, is the legal successor of Best Logistics Group, which was engaged in the construction and leasing of logistics complexes and was part of the Globus full-cycle development holding.

“Best Logistics Group has already cooperated with Nova Poshta during the construction of a sorting terminal in Lviv in 2019, with investments of almost EUR 10 million, with Nova Poshta’s investment of about EUR 4 million. According to Vyacheslav Klimov, co-founder of NOVA Group, Nova Poshta was responsible for the equipment, while Best Logistics Group was responsible for the construction of the building.

The Globus website states that its portfolio includes more than 10 projects at various stages of implementation with a total area of 220 thousand square meters, which are being developed together with partners. These include premium and comfort class residential buildings, logistics terminals, business centers, hotels, and mixed-use complexes, while the area of already implemented projects is 96 thousand square meters. It is also noted that the group is a strategic partner of Nova Poshta and has its own production base in the form of two concrete plants.

The authorized capital of Nova Development, according to the state register, is UAH 186.4 million, while that of Best Logistics Group was UAH 1 million. Volodymyr Fenik is listed as the beneficiary through the corporate venture investment fund Magistrate Invest.

In 2022, Best Logistics Group’s revenue amounted to UAH 46.87 million, up from UAH 36.62 million a year earlier, and its net loss increased to UAH 12.33 million from UAH 3.58 million.


“Nova Poshta” delivered 412 mln parcels in 2023

“Nova Poshta, a part of the Nova group of companies, delivered 30% more parcels in 2023 than a year earlier – 412 million, the company’s press service reports.

At the same time, last year the company doubled the volume of international parcel deliveries to 10.2 million. The report specifies that the number of orders from international online stores through the NP Shopping service in 2023 increased by 55% compared to 2022.

The average weight of an international parcel increased from 1.3 kg in 2022 to 11 kg in 2023.

The most popular countries for orders from outside Ukraine remain China, the United States, Poland, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Most often, Ukrainians order goods from Aliexpress, Amazon, and iHerb marketplaces.

According to the company, customers send mostly clothes, shoes, household goods, appliances and electronics, health and beauty products, and tools in domestic traffic, the company said.

“Nova Poshta has international offices in Moldova, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, and Italy.

In Ukraine, the company’s network consists of 11.46 thousand branches and 15.59 thousand post offices. Currently, Nova Poshta’s branches and post offices operate in more than 10 thousand settlements across Ukraine.

“Nova Poshta” has expanded its network in Ukraine by 23%

“In 2023, Nova Poshta, a member of the Nova group of companies, increased its network in Ukraine by 5 thousand units to 27 thousand (+23%), the company’s press service said on Friday.

According to the release, during 2023, Nova Poshta opened 2,242 thousand new branches and installed 1,853 thousand new post offices.

The company specified that as of the beginning of 2024, the Nova Poshta network consists of 11.46 thousand branches and 15.59 thousand post offices, of which 60% operate indoors and in residential complexes, and 40% are outdoor.

“A special emphasis was placed on the opening of PUDOs – service points on the territory of the existing business of partners, where you can send or receive already paid parcels weighing up to 10 kg. Such points can be located in pharmacies, shops, gas stations and are already operating in the BRSM, Moyo, Delvi networks,” the company said.

It is noted that in 2023, Nova Poshta spent UAH 1.1 billion to expand and develop the network.

At the same time, the company plans to increase this amount to UAH 1.9 billion in 2024 and open another 9 thousand service points.

Currently, Nova Poshta’s branches and post offices operate in more than 10 thousand settlements across Ukraine. The most active growth of the network took place in Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Vinnytsia, Volyn, Rivne, Kirovohrad and Cherkasy regions, according to the release.

“Nova Poshta” and “Come Back Alive” Charity Foundation deliver aid to Ukrainian Air Force

Nova Group and Nova Poshta, together with the Come Back Alive charity foundation, have handed over the third batch of aid in the form of integrated communication devices (ICDs) to the Ukrainian Air Force as part of the Pack the Sky – Upgrade Air Defense project, the group’s press service said on Friday.

“This is the first project in Ukraine that comprehensively provides the air force with communications,” said Olena Plakhova, Nova’s director of reputation management.

According to the release, the exact number of KAZs transferred was not disclosed, but all of them have already been delivered to the Center Air Command and are helping to defend Kyiv, Poltava, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, and other cities and villages in the central part of the country.

According to the report, the KAZs are domestic trucks with high cross-country ability, provided with the necessary equipment, machinery, and secure communications to effectively perform combat missions. Their main task is to accompany air defense missile systems.

The cost of one KAZ is about UAH 7 million.

As reported, last year, to strengthen air defense within the framework of the “Pack the Sky – Upgrade Air Defense” project, from June 1 to December 26, “Come Back Alive” together with Nova Poshta raised UAH 330 million.

It is noted that thanks to the Foundation’s operational work with manufacturers and engineers, in October 2023, before the end of the collection, “Come Back Alive” and “Nova Poshta” handed over two batches of equipment to air defense units: a batch of portable communication and control kits, as well as telecommunication kits and related equipment.

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Nova Poshta Group has changed its name to NOVA

Nova Poshta Group of Companies has changed its name to Nova, but Nova Poshta, a logistics and postal operator operating in the Ukrainian market, will retain its brand, the group’s press service said on Tuesday.

“We are already much more than a post office, so we are removing this word in the name of the group of companies and leaving a broad, unbounded name – NOVA,” the release cites the rebranding rationale.

“The main goal of the NOVA group is to provide easy delivery of anything for life and business. So far, these are parcels, money and technology, but we are not going to stop there,” said Vyacheslav Klimov, co-owner of the group.

According to the release, the NOVA group of companies includes six companies: “Nova Poshta, Nova Post Europe, NovaPay, Nova Global, Supernova Airlines and Nova Digital.

It is noted that Nova Poshta provides delivery services, as well as freight transportation and fulfillment, and its network currently includes 11.4 thousand branches and 15.5 thousand post offices in Ukraine.

Nova Post Europe delivers documents, parcels and cargo across Europe and between the EU and Ukraine. The company has representative offices and 83 own branches in 11 countries: Moldova, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, and Italy, and operates through 35 thousand service points.

According to the release, NovaPay is a non-bank financial institution that develops its own international payment system and provides financial services to private clients and businesses, currently servicing 2.6 million transactions per day. At the end of last year, the company released an application that allows customers to open current accounts.

It is noted that Nova Global, a member of the group, focuses on the global e-commerce market and cooperation with international marketplaces. The company offers Ukrainian small and medium-sized businesses services to enter new markets and develop exports.

Supernova Airlines, according to the release, has already operated dozens of flights between European countries and will soon start transcontinental flights with cargo planes.

IT company Nova Digital, a part of Nova Group, creates and maintains web applications and software products for Nova Poshta and other companies of the group, which, according to the release, has a total of 32 million private and corporate clients.


Nova Poshta opens 3rd branch in Czech Republic

“Nova Poshta, the leader in express delivery in Ukraine, has opened a Nova Post post office in Brno, the third branch of the network in the Czech Republic, the company’s press service said on Friday.

“This is just the beginning of our development. Next year, we plan to open branches in 4 more Czech cities,” said Vladimir Sterenchuk, CEO of Nova Post in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

According to him, in 2024, Nova Post branches will appear in Pilsen, Ostrava, Liberec and Český Budějovice.

At the new Brno branch, customers can send and receive documents and parcels weighing up to 30 kg from Ukraine. Delivery time to Ukraine is 5 days or more.

As reported, Nova Post entered the Czech market in June and opened two branches in Prague at once – a cargo branch weighing up to 1,000 kg and a postal branch weighing up to 30 kg, and launched a courier delivery service weighing up to 1,000 kg. In 6 months, the company delivered 30 thousand items.

In mid-November, Volodymyr Popereshnyuk, co-owner of Nova Poshta, announced that Nova Post plans to enter the markets of Italy, France, and Austria by the end of this year.

As of the beginning of November, Nova Poshta’s network in Ukraine included nearly 11,000 branches and 14.6,000 post offices.

The group of companies includes Ukrainian and foreign companies, including Nova Poshta, NP Logistic, NovaPay payment system and Nova Poshta Global.

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