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“Nova Poshta” launched a new service for receiving parcels by another person

The logistics company “Nova Poshta” has launched a new service in its own application, which allows you to transfer the right to receive a parcel to another person.
As the company announced on Tuesday, now through the mobile application “Nova Poshta” you can give the right to the person you trust to receive the package for you and pay for it, if necessary.
The service is free and is valid only for receiving items at a post office and a post office with a declared value of up to UAH 30,000.
The person who has been granted permission to receive the parcel will receive a push message in his Nova Poshta mobile application automatically. If the authorized person does not have the company’s mobile application installed, then he will receive a message on his phone in Viber or SMS.
The right to receive a parcel can also be cancelled.
Only the original recipient of the shipment can order the “Other recipient” service and only through the Nova Poshta mobile application.
At the same time, if the parcel is ordered “Personally in hand”, then it is impossible to change the recipient.

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Nova Poshta Global, which is part of the Nova Poshta group of companies, resumes delivery from the online store AliExpress (China) directly to Ukraine from June 15, the press service of the NP reported on Tuesday.

“This is the most anticipated resumption of delivery that the Ukrainians have been waiting for. We held dozens of meetings with our partner to assure him that we are working as usual and have already restored the pre-war speed. Now users can once again order delivery of goods from AliExpress directly from the site to a convenient branch or “Nova Poshta” post office. To do this, you need to specify the AliExpress Standard Shipping option and select the nearest operating branch / post office on the map, “Novaya Poshta Global CEO Yuri Benevitsky is quoted.

The postal operator notes that before the war, AliExpress headed the TOP of the most beloved foreign online stores of Ukrainians. On average, Novaya Poshta customers ordered about 2.6 tons of goods from AliExpress per day.

Currently, the updated AliExpress platform app is not available to users in Ukraine.



Nova Poshta Group plans to develop in the markets of Eastern Europe, the United States and China.
“Global development was in our strategy, but we met the war with only Nova Poshta Moldova and Nova Poshta Global, which served deliveries from the USA, Europe and China to Ukraine. This is clearly not enough. We have learned this lesson and will soon become much more global. Since early March, we have been studying markets that are potentially interesting for us,” founder and co-owner of Nova Poshta Viacheslav Klymov said in an interview with the Ukrainian edition of Forbes.
According to him, the company is analyzing Eastern Europe, the countries where the Ukrainians went, as an area for expansion. Also, Nova Poshta is interested in the United States and China.
“About 75% of our network is franchisees in small towns. By the way, they have shown extraordinary resilience during this stress. Believe it or not, yesterday we gave permission to our franchisees to resume operations in Donetsk region. People are ready to work, even when next to them shelling is underway. This is a working model, we have a lot of experience in this, and this is one of the scenarios which we will go to new markets with,” Klymov said.

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Nova Poshta joined the UN World Food Programme (WFP), as part of cooperation, the company receives food from European countries, forms food packages from them and delivers them to settlements according to the UN vision, primarily to Ukraine’s hot spots.
As the Nova Poshta press service reported on Wednesday, the company provided its production facilities in western Ukraine for the needs of the UNHCR and the UN Refugee Agency.
It is noted that the UN is compiling a list of priority cities and towns, focusing on the places of hostilities and regions that are threatened with a humanitarian catastrophe.
As of the beginning of April (in one week of cooperation), Nova Poshta prepared and delivered about 25,000 food packages to Chernihiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions.
In addition, the company transported more than 420 tonnes of household goods from the UNHCR to the IDPs.
Until the end of this month, Nova Poshta plans to deliver about 300,000 more sets to Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions.
“According to statistics, more than 10 million of our citizens have already been forced to leave their homes, hundreds of thousands still remain in dangerous cities and in conditions close to a humanitarian catastrophe, and we cannot stand aside. Even at the beginning of the war, we began transporting humanitarian aid across country and from abroad. We are now joining the UN programme. We are doing everything possible to make life at least a little easier for the Ukrainians most affected by the war,” Oleksandr Bulba, CEO of Nova Poshta, is quoted as saying.
In the nearest plans of the company – to start cooperation with other international organizations to provide Ukrainians with universal assistance.

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Nova Poshta Group plans to invest UAH 5 billion in development in 2022, of which UAH 1.2 billion into an innovative terminal in Odesa.
As Nova Poshta said in a report on Wednesday, the terminal in Odesa will become the company’s second largest sorting facility after its opening.
Construction work at the Odesa terminal began in June last year. The terminal will consist of two buildings – postal and freight, their total area – more than 26,000 square meters.
Active construction is currently underway: a building frame is being assembled at the cargo terminal.
“In 2022, we plan to invest unprecedented UAH 5 billion in the Nova Poshta development: in terminal infrastructure; a network of branches and post offices; in innovation. This is one and a half times more than last year. We believe in our country, we believe in its people, so we continue to develop our business and work with inspiration,” co-owner of Nova Poshta Volodymyr Popereshniuk is quoted in the report.
In March, the installation of automated equipment will begin at the terminal. These will be two main automated Vanderlande lines for sorting parcels from 2 kg to 30 kg and three lines for sorting small parcels manufactured by the Ukrainian company Konsort.
In addition, telescopic conveyors will be installed at the terminal, which drive directly into the car body and help automate the process of loading. A total of 48 such “telescopes” are planned to be installed at the terminal.
It is planned to use 50 robotic carts at the cargo part of the terminal: robots manufactured by Ukrainian SBR for moving cargo.
The terminal will begin operation, tentatively, already in November of this year. It will be able to process up to 40,000 parcels per hour, which is three times more the speed of the current terminal.
The terminal will sort the parcels for Odesa and 65 settlements of Odesa region. It will create more than 700 new jobs.
The company also said that they planned to open an automated terminal in Zaporizhia the following week.
The Nova Poshta group of companies includes, in particular, Nova Poshta, NP Logistic, NovaPay and Nova Poshta Global companies.

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Nova Poshta Global, a member of the Nova Poshta group of companies, has begun delivering goods from online stores in Spain and France, you can now order them through the NP Shopping website, the company’s press service said.
“Our customers got direct access to some of the best products in terms of quality and range. Spain is a country of shopping for your favorite brands, where you can buy products from the first collections much cheaper than ours. And in French online stores it’s easy to find exclusive goods and please yourself what you can’t find in our stores, or buy a third cheaper than in Ukraine. Our goal is for everyone to be able to buy goods around the world as easily and with pleasure as in Ukrainian stores,” Olha Volodina, the deputy director for products development and marketing of Nova Poshta Global, said.
The company notes that the cost of delivery of the order depends on the weight of the package: 0-1 kg – from $5, 1-5 kg – from $4; 5-30 kg – from $3.5.
Currently, online stores from nine countries are already available for ordering through the NP Shopping website: the United States, Italy, Turkey, China, UK, Germany, Poland, France and Spain.
Nova Poshta Global has been providing international express delivery services since 2015. In 2021, the company delivered over 9.3 million international parcels, up 32% from 2020 volumes.

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