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Number of ships in Danube ports increased by 2.3-2.7 times during week

14 August , 2023  

The number of ships in the port of Izmail (Odessa region) increased to 111 on Monday against 48 last week, according to data from the Marine Traffic monitoring application. The arrival of 33 vessels is expected.

The number of vessels in the port of Reni increased to 33 vessels on Monday against 12 last week. 11 vessels are expected to arrive.

At the same time, last Wednesday the number of vessels in the port of “Izmail” increased to 60 – in the port of “Izmail” and in the port of “Reni” – 13. On Saturday the number of ships in the port “Izmail” was already 72, while in “Reni” it was reduced to six.

In comparison, in the Russian port “Novorossiysk” the number of ships remained unchanged – 136 this Monday against 137 last week, 72 ships are expected to arrive.

The ports of Greater Odessa have not resumed their work after the termination of the “grain initiative”.

Earlier it was reported that due to the Russian night attack in the middle of last week on the seaport “Izmail” and the infrastructure of the “Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company” destroyed 40 thousand tons of grain, which was expected by African countries, China and Israel.

In addition, about 10 residential houses, 15 apartments, hotel and office buildings of the “Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company” and an educational institution were damaged or destroyed.

After the attack on Wednesday night last week, two ships heading to the port of Izmail for loading refused to moor.

As reported, Ukraine announced a military threat to ship navigation in the waters of six Russian ports on the Black Sea.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry released a statement in which it warns that all ships that from July 21 will go to the ports of the Russian Federation or occupied Ukrainian ports may be considered as carrying military cargo.

In addition, according to the warning, navigation in the areas of the Northeastern Black Sea and the Kerch-Yenikal Strait of Ukraine is prohibited as dangerous, from 05:00 on July 20, 2023.

The day before, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that all vessels, regardless of the flag, which will be heading to Ukrainian ports from midnight, July 20, Russia will consider as involved in the military conflict.