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23 June , 2022  

Production of paper and cardboard in Ukraine in January-May of this year decreased by 44.7% compared to the same period in 2021 – to 198.2 thousand tons, corrugated packaging – by 57%, to 126.9 million sq. m, according to the statistics of the association “UkrPapir”.
According to the statistics provided by the association to the Interfax-Ukraine agency, if in January of this year the production of paper and cardboard lagged behind last year by 4.6%, and corrugated boxes exceeded by 3.5%, then already in January-March, taking into account suspension of many enterprises with the beginning of a full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the production of these products decreased by 44% and 54%, respectively.
At the same time, some of the enterprises that stopped work at the beginning of the war never resumed it – in particular, due to the damage received in Rubizhne, the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of corrugated packaging, the Rubezhnoye Cardboard and Container Plant, stopped working (but its “daughter” in the Kyiv region – Trypilsky packing plant).
According to information in the disclosure system of the National Commission for Securities and the Stock Market (NKTSBFR), a remote extraordinary meeting of the plant’s shareholders is scheduled for July 4 with the issue of transferring the location of the Rubezhsky CPC legal entity to Kyiv.
According to UkrPapir, the damaged Rogan cardboard factory in the Kharkiv region has not resumed work (and does not plan to).
From the producers of corrugated packaging, Dunapak Tavria LLC, located in the Kherson region, also does not work (it produced boxes for Novaya Poshta – IF), and the Mena Pak company in the Chernihiv region, according to information available to the association, was able to resume work in May.
Zmievskaya paper mill (Kharkiv region) after three months of forced downtime in May reported the production of 1863 tons of recycled paper against 783 tons in May 2021.
At the same time, after the February suspension of production, the industry leader Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill has been operating since March (in terms of the production of corrugated packaging last year – the second after Rubezhansky CPC), Zhydachevsky Pulp and Paper (Lvov region) and Izmail Cardboard (Odessa region), Malinsky paper factory and “Papir-Mal” (Zhytomyr region)
In addition, according to statistics, the Lviv Cardboard and Paper Company did not stop working, maintaining the output of paper and cardboard in January-May at the level of last year, Poninkovskaya (Khmelnytsky region) and Lutsk (Volyn region) cardboard and paper factories, Kokhavinskaya paper mill (Lviv region).
As reported, in 2021, the production of paper and cardboard in Ukraine increased by 9.8% by 2020, to 898.2 thousand tons, corrugated boxes – by 5.9% to 752.9 million square meters.
Association “UkrPapir” unites 35 enterprises and companies, in particular 20 manufacturers of cardboard and paper products and printing enterprises, 11 distributors, two suppliers and suppliers of waste paper.

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